How to live in the Present Moment 1


Begin to Explore full concentration

Everybody is different, and some people have the capacity to use their brain and concentrate far more easily than others. However, everybody is capable of concentrating if they really put their mind to it and completely focus on each situation at hand. Really concentration is the key to being able to live in the present. you need to consider concentration as the tool that is going to help you get rid of the things you no longer want to think about in the past. The first thing you really need to do is it down for at least 5 minutes every morning and really concentrate on your surroundings and how you are feeling. this is not the same as meditation. Meditation is about setting the mind free and thinking of nothing in order to achieve calmness and serenity. what i am saying here is that you absorb your surroundings so you you know exactly what is around you,where you are sitting,what you see,how you feel. etc. This can be any moment in the morning. Either you can set aside 5 minutes to do it without distractions or you can do it at a time that feels comfortable to you,for example when you are eating your breakfast. Really focus on every bite and CONCENTRATE on the taste,the feeling,the textures, and think of nothing else. At this stage you are using your concentration to be in that moment and no other from the past or the future.

Life lived for tomorrow will always be just a day from being realized. Leo Buscaglia

Take Pauses throughout the Day to sit Down

Life can be extremely demanding with everything it throws at us, meaning we often that we are moving at a hundred miles an hour. There could be a number of causes for this: ou careers, our families,our personal lives,our pressures..the list is endless. Either way, being able to actually stop throughout the days and take some time to sit down peacefully and not speak to anybody around you,will allow you to bring yourself back to the present time. By rushing around and trying to complete multiple tasks throughout the day,you are forgetting to grasp each moment during the day. If you are extremely busy,it may feel impossible to fully concentrate on exactly what you are doing ,but in the beginning as you develop your ability to live in the present,you should make sure you stop what you are doing at least 5 times during the day and sit down to be pensive about your surroundings and your feelings at that exact point in your day. Do not think about what task you need to complete the next. Instead, just sit and consider exactly how you feel as you sit,what is going on through your head and your heart,what surrounds you,and how your body feels. This is the best way to start incorporating the techniques needed to live in the present.

We make our future by the best use of the present. There is no moment like the present. Maria Edgeworth.