How to live in the Present Moment 2

Develop your practice slowly but confidently.
Being able to truly commit your thoughts only to the present takes a considerable amount of time and dedication. Therefore, you must be kind to yourself as you develop your technique. Do not put too much pressure on yourself to start thinking about the present moment all the time,because if you are not successful,you may feel like you have failed which will be counterproductive to your progress. The process is subtle but definitely effective.

Life is a succession of moments. To live each day is to succeed – Leo Buscaglia

As you grow in confidence,you will be able to start gently incorporating this technique into your tasks and activities even as you do them. You should start by using this technique with small tasks that you actively enjoy carrying out so as to be more aware of the positive aspects of the action you are participating in. Further down the line,you will even be able to do this with activities that are not as enjoyable. Being able to concentrate on that activity and ignore external influences will mean you can handle the task with more ease due to lack of distraction from either people around you and your own mind.


Forgive…Forget..Ignore…Move on!

This aspect of living in the moment is particularly difficult as it means we need to absolve the other people in our lives of their guilt when they have hurt us. But if you are truly dedicated to becoming a freer spirit and a more relaxed person,then you need to make sure you can really let go of the things that cause you any negative emotions. If you are in a present moment and something is upsetting you,you have the right to feel that upset but once that moment has left your space then you must no longer think about it as it is no longer in your present situation.
This notion of letting things go also applies to how you think in the present moment as you will find it difficult not to get distracted as you develop your level of concentration. While you try to think only of what is happening,you will find that your mind drifts and you will begin to think of other things that are relevant to your life. “Did I do the laundry?” “Is that person still angry with me?” “What else do i have to do today?” “I need to pay the bills.”

One  today is worth two tomorrow- Benjamin Franklin

whilst it is not a bad thing if you have thoughts that drift, it is important that you strengthen your concentration by really focusing on trying to bring your mentality back to the situation you are experiencing at that present moment in time. Always remember that there is no failure in developing your ability to live in the present,everything is just a learning process.

know the value of time! snatch,seize and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness,no procrastination. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  – Margaret Bonnano