What is your consolation tag?

Its most certain that challenges will often come. More so,God will not permit a cause without a reason or purpose behind it. He is always ahead of us waiting to provide a succour because He knows we will definitely need it to pull through the tough times.

Everything has it’s wonders even darkness and silence. I learn,whatever state I may be in,therein to be content -Helen Keller

In whatever situation you may find yourself,there is always a rallying support; a consolation for you. You may not be aware of it because of the overwhelming circumstances,but believe me when you look around what do you see?

God can position your wife,husband,or children as your consolation in so much that, whenever you have the thought of looking elsewhere or giving up, they become a reminder of God’s faithfulness and tender mercies and suddenly your negative perception towards that situation changes to the positive.

I was told of a lady who got married to a man she never really loved. It was a really bad time for her as she wished for a break up each time a disagreement comes up. In the middle of it all,they had 2 children. The lady got so tired one day and decided to call it quit. While she was packing her things, her children walked in and asked why she wanted to leave their dad. She was too bitter to reply. The next moment marked a turn around in her life. Her children began to weep pleading on behalf of their dad to forgive and forget and not allow them suffer. They wanted their mum to stay back while they live together as a united family. They had heard of the negative effect of a broken home in their school.

Anyway,Suzanne left what she was doing and patted the children on their back. She recollected the pains of their childbirth, better still, nursing of the children single handedly without any assistance from any one.She realised that she owe God an explanation if anything go wrong in the lives of the children. As such,Suzanne decided she was going to stay back and fight to the end. Though her worries are still there but it cannot be compared to the assignment God has placed in her hand and that is parenting the children and ensuring they have a balanced growth and development in their life.

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.All that we love deeply becomes a part of us – Helen Keller

While she was putting back her clothes in the wardrobe, a thought came to her mind. What if God is behind these scenes that have been playing out; what if He was aware of what is to happen in the future and decided to give me these children as my consolation for me to know that despite all the challenges I might be facing in my marriage,He will always make a way for my safety.

Indeed God always have a plan ahead in spite of the challenges that we may face. For Suzanne,she came to the realization that her children were her consolation.

Surmounting difficulty is the crucible that forms character – Tony Robbins

In that deep mess you find yourself, have you taken your time to look within and see who God has positioned in your life to be your source of consolation? Really,you have got to look before you leap.