What sets your soul on fire?

Why is this critical to our lives?

Like the prodigal son who left all the comfort and good life his father gave him and decided to trade it for a life of emptiness and sorrow,most of us have become forlorn and confused because we have chosen to drift apart from our original purpose in life. The cares of this world has choked the majority of us leaving us in the rat race jostling for survival where none exist.

Passion is energy~Feel the power of focusing on what excites you – Oprah Winfrey

Really, what is the essence of living if there isn’t any sense of fulfilment in what ever one is doing or chose to do? Following the path destiny has laid for you is the way to go.

Be real with yourself

Staying real is the pathway to inner peace. Nothing can ever be compared with it. If you are in a relationship and it is not working well,perhaps you may have a rethink or consider a break. Your identity must not be overshadowed by what is happening around you.

Be deliberate

You do not need the permission of anyone to make the change you need for your next level. In fact,if you are to consider their opinion,it may not be in tandem with what you set your mind on at the moment.

When you have to take the step that leads to your inner peace and true joy,looking up to God for guidance and direction is the way to go. Be deliberate in your decision to return to what truly bring you fulfilment.

Remain focused

Of course there will be different voices gunning for your attention most especially those of your loved ones. If you are keen on living a life of fulfilment,you must choose to be focused and that is on the right thing.

Remember,what sets your soul on fire is what you are about. So looking around for comparisms,approval,or attention will only trip you off. No matter what anyone around you is doing,believe it is their own assignment. Yours is to look for ways to run with what’s in your hand. (if you have any though).

Chase your passion and not your pension -Dennis Waitley

Respect your decision

If you have ever taken a decision on something crucial to your life,you must endeavour to respect that decision. Though it may not be as easy because of the challenges of life which often times cause us to rescind (though unintentionally) but taking a stance in spite of any circumstances proves to people around us that we are unwaivering and disciplined.

We must be convinced enough that the decision we took is the best and we look forward to a positive outcome.

Chase down your passion like it is the last bus of the night-Terri Guillemets

Don’t bow to mediocrity

Choose to step out of your comfort zone and launch out into the deep. Life is waiting to receive you only if you are willing to find yourself in its arms.You may not be able to get anything done if you are the type who keeps making promises and not sticking to it.

If you have a burning passion within,what is stopping you from actualizing it?