The Importance of Values

Your happiness or satisfaction in any situation is in direct proportion to whether or not your most important values are being met. And your behavior in any situation will be directly related to your particular set of values.

Understand your worth,value your life,appreciate your blessings

Identifying and understanding your values and how they work in your life will go a long way toward helping you create a life of joy and happiness. Understanding people’s values will improve communication and,in the workplace, will enable you to understand what drives other people and how to best work with them.

When your values are clear to you,making decisions becomes easier. – Roy Disney

In business and sales,identifying a person’s values will raise you from an ordinary sales person to one who truly serves the customer. You will know how to present your product or service to satisfy your customer’s most important concerns.

Uncovering your own values

Sometime ago,I was asked by a mentor of mine on what’s most important to me. I said “family.” He replied “Actually,this is what drives your behavior. If for instance,I am your boss,I now know better on how to motivate you and what types of assignment best suits you.If your number one value is adventure and there is an opportunity for someone to go to a distant land and open an office,you will be my choice. Now that your number one value is family,you are not going to be suited for this distant assignment unless your family can travel with you.” He concluded.

Whether or not you are a career person or business wise,it is important for you to invest time in uncovering your own values since they will determine your level of happiness in any given circumstances. One of the reasons so many people are unhappy is because they live out of alignment with their core values. For example,someone whose number one value is family but is in a job where they are constantly travelling or working will probably not be happy.

A man or woman whose top value is security,may be happier if they have a part-time business in addition to their job since jobs are no longer secure in our society. Having a business on the side will give them the necessary sense of control over their income and provide the feelings of security that are so important to them.

Price is what you pay,value is what you get -Warren Buffet