Beat The Time Trap 2

Avoid Clutter

When you schedule effectively, it will definitely free up more time nonetheless,you may need to consider Clutter.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication- Leonardo Da Vinci

Have you noticed how much paper still flows unto your life despite all this instant-response technology? And if it isn’t paper, it’s all the other stuff that just seem to grow in the closet,office,and basement. Where does it all come from? I have found some tips which will help you eliminate clutter and save time.

Tips for the home

– Create a place for everything: If you don’t know where something belongs,how do you know where to put it?

If you need that item later,how do you know how to find it?

-Store similar items together: Categorization is vitally important when you are getting organized. Keep all bill-paying supplies in one place. Gather craft supplies in one basket. When you need to work on something,everything will be easily accessible.

– Decide now: Most household clutter results from deferred decisions. “I don’t have time to decide where this belongs,and put it here for now.”

Decide where it belongs and put it there immediately. It will only take a few seconds and it will eliminate large piles of deferred decisions down the road.

– Don’t keep buying things: Before you buy something, stop and ask:Do I really need this?

Have I got somewhere to keep it?

Will I use it?

Do I want to be responsible for storing,cleaning,and maintaining yet another item?

Don’t shop unconsciously anymore. Some people work on a one-in,one-out system – good idea!

-Dump junk mail immediately: You know what it looks like so don’t even open it. Use the FAT system for all mail. File it-Action now- Trash it.

-Be ruthless: If you haven’t used an item in the last two years,you are not likely to need it again.

Do you really want a clutter-free streamlined home?

– Post your grocery list: Post it where other family members can add items when they run out of something. This will save unnecessary trips to the store,and reduce those discussion” How was I supposed to know?”

Get clear on what matters by getting rid of what doesn’t.

Review these ideas and pick out the ones that appeal to you, then start organizing and simplifying your life. This will free up your time. Letting go of the clutter will create room for new experiences and will release your energy. More time and more energy is exactly what we are looking for.

You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junks – Louise Smith