…On Self Acceptance

To the woman out thereAccept your body IMAGE

Majority of people especially women aren’t happy with their bodies. Feelings of inadequacy are fueling a huge industry that is joyfully reaping the benefits. Looking good and feeling good are definite money-makers

Acceptance is the ability to understand what is not for you – Anonymous

Many of us blame the mirror for the image we see. Maybe have a little hail damage on our thighs,our bikini days are over,and perhaps our buttocks are headed south along with our breats. So what? Don’t get stressed about it. What is this obsession with image? Of course we want to look our best and stay to youthful, firm and healthy as long as we can. But why are many of us self-critical,seeing only our defects and misplaced curves? One of the main culprits is the media-magazines,movies, Television, and advertising. We are totally bombarded.

You don’t need someone to complete you,you only need someone to accept you completely- Anonymous

*Look ten years younger in five minutes

*Have the body you want in two weeks

* Finally a diet that works- eat cucumber

* Remove those cellulite forever.

It seems that the more insecure women feel anout their image,the more they will spend to fix it.

To achieve the right look,some people resort to binging and purging,excessive exercise programs or statvation diets. Its getting to be so bad that we feel guilty when we eat an occassional chocolate bar or have a brownie with pur starbucks.

We are driving ourselves to distraction! This constant need to live up to an unrealistic image is taking a heavy toll on our emotional and physical wellbeing. And what about our sex lives? ” What if he sees my stretch marks or notice my cellulite?” This hang-ups are extremely distracting- instead of enjoying intimate relationship, we are preoccupied with dimming the light or covering up. It’s absurd yet tragically true. How can we get comfortable with our bodies again, accepting ourselves just the way we are?

The answer has to do with self-acceptance. That means liking ourselves,no matter what shape or size we are. Don’t be deceived-turn off the dull roar of the media blitz. See it for what it is.

When you focus on your own ideal of a healthy body image, you will have a much better chance of reaching your goals. This means understanding what the styles look good on you,knowing how to enhance your best features,working to reach a healthy weight for your body and eating whole healthy foods.

Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune – William James

Be an independent thinker,it just might save your life. Going back to basics is what it’s all about. Cultivate a healthy appreciation for your looks and the body you have and take the best care of it. Don’t throw out the mirror yet.

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