Winning the battle for self-esteem

If you experienced a dysfunctional,critical environment,your self-esteem is more likely to have been eroded by harsh words and putdowns. An excessive criticism can take hold of your life and make you become your own worst enemy.

If you have had an upbringing where you are always criticised for one thing or the other,you may find it hard to be pleased with yourself because there’s an inner voice that keeps reminding you of what is not.

You,yourself as much as everybody in the entire universe deserves your love and affection- Anonymous

Becoming aware of the critical voice gives us a chance to change and stop the old destructive programming that can limit us. When we are aware of the negative voice,we can learn to talk back at it. When you hear the voice,immediately use a strong word or phrase to break the negative train of thought. Cancel! Stop! That’s a lie!Garbage! You are going to decide what’s best for you.

Beyond the words you hear and the thoughts you think,the words you speak can significantly affect you. Just as eating junk food all the time can lead to ill-health and obesity,the words you use can also have a physical effect. Pay attention to this,otherwise the words you speak to yourself will rob you of power. Whether you have developed a mild or severe case of using powerless language,you can change it. Start becoming more conscious of the language you use. Fine yourself one dollar everytime you use powerless language. Have your kids help you,they will love collecting the money or inclide them in the game and you can cut your losses.

The strongest factor for success is self-esteem :Believing you can do it,believing you deserve it,and believing you will get it- Anonymous

When you use more powerful language,your self esteem will change. How you are perceived by by others will also change.You will be treated more with respect and looked upon as someone who is decisive and reliable.

It is not what you are that is holding you back,it is what you think you are not- Anonymous