Lowering your expectations

No matter how madly in love you are with a person,or perhaps have an incredible relationship with someone,One thing is certain and that is; They my not be able to meet your expectations. As it often times happen,they will disappoint you not because their actions were intentional but because they were not created to do so. Only God can meet and exceed your expectations.

Recently,i have been receiving several blows of disappointments from those i relied upon.

So i got a new house assistant,took her out with my extended family to the park. I watched her play around with the kids with us and i felt so touched.

“Oh how i wished she could become a part of the family,to stay with us for as long as she can.” But how wrong i was. When we got home,she called me to say she would be travelling for a family function in the next few days. I felt a cold shudder run through my spine. I couldn’t respond immediately so i left her for the bedroom . On the bed,i began to sob like a baby. I yearned for such affection oozing from her plump body towards my family. I wanted to tell her to stay back but i couldnt find my voice.Somehow, my expectations never saw the light of the day. At that moment,I heard a voice tell me, “Now you can see that you must not place too much expectations on people,they are going to screw you up.”

There are ways to be happy: improve your reality or lower your expectations-Anonymous

At another instance,i was at the shopping mall for some toiletries. I decided to check in two out of my favorite sales repp.ignoring those who were calling for my attention at the other end. ” Afterall,i have two reliable guys over there who would meet my needs.” I said to myself. So i approached the first sales repp to order for a regular product i often purchase from him, he looked at me and said, “Madam,we are out of stock on that particular product you requested for.”

I felt so hollow and left in utter dismay. I walked to the second guy for another product and he also told me they were out of stock on same. ” What on earth is hapening to me today, what sort of disappointment am i receiving from those i relied upon?” I queried.

With no available answer, i left the mall feeling really awful. The voice said to me again. ”

I thought i told you to quit this expectation game and look unto me for direction. I was very bitter to acknowledge the truth. After few minutes,i had a rethink and i went back to the mall to make purchases from those i had once ignored and really they had what i requested for.

A bitter truth to learn.Do not depend too much on people, Learn to always look up to God for whatever you may need.

When you stop expecting people to be perfect,you can like them for who they are- Anonymous