Delegating Responsibilities

Of course you don’t have to be everywhere and happening at the same time. You have got to find ways to delegate some responsibilities to dependable people around you. This helps to save you from becoming a frustrated and angry individual.

As a mom,it is very easy for us to claim that we are ‘super moms’. Though we are- The gap-fillers,from the kitchen to the living room,to the bedroom,and off to the grocery store and doing school runs. We are virtually everywhere,taking responsibities and at the end of the day,we end up feeling sapped and full of resentment for being ‘used’

If it has to be done,then it has to be done pretty well. If you are suddenly burdened with huge tasks and a deadline attached to it. If you are like me,who can’t work under pressure,then you certainly need the help of others to achieve your goal.

A king realizing his incompetence can either delegate or abdicate his duties -Marlene Dietrich, Actress.

Andre,a nephew of mine shared with me on how he called his wife oneday and told her he intends to delegate some tasks to his employees in the office. Andre believes he knows the nitty gritty of his job profile as a realtor. He does not want his employees to get the image he has built for years soiled because of their carelessness. He feels that,he is in the best position for the job.

” I don’t think i can continue like this. My health is begining to fail and am becoming more angrier and resentful if i am unable to meet up to the expectations of my clients. I have decided to bring on board two more employees to assist me.”He said.

Now all he does is to give any one of them a call and the job is done. What a relief!

Being at peace is really a choice though and you have got to get to a point in your life where you decide on what will give you that peace of mind.

I have found out that the reason why some people find it hard to delegate is because of these fears:

Fear of losing Control

Your parents might have drummed into your head ‘The best way to get something done right is to do it yourself. Solid advice! but if you are too enamoured with your own way ,you will never learn to delegate well.

Fear of dropping the ball

What happens when you pass a project to one of your lieutentants? He or she might take the ball and run a different route than you would,one that might not work.scary? Yes but at some point,you have got to trust your people.

Good people are ready to take one or more responsibilities. So be brave and try them out.

You won’t be the last…