Give Positive Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement is sharing your love with someone else. This not only gives you joy,it uplifts the other person. Hiw do you feel when someone singles you out for a job wekk done? It feels good.What happens when you acknowledge a child? He or she lights up! Every human being has a need to feel validated and loved. Women on the home need to feel that they are taken for granted. When we get hurt,we need to be heard,we want someone to understand our pain- pain that usually comes from a lack of validation.

Those who are truly grateful are deeply moved by the privileges of living- Audiq Ice

When we acknowledge others and don’t expect anything in return,they are touched. Their spirit is lifted for a while. This has a ripple effect,in that they often reach out and touch others as well. Are you familiar with the concept “pay it forward?” My friend Anne gave me a great example of this. She was standing in line waiting to pay for her cofee: Apparently,the woman behind her was visibly unhappy. Anne said ,” she looked miserable and i was concerned. As i handed over my $5 to the cashier,I said,’This is for my coffee and also for the woman behind me.” When the woman heard that,her face brightened with a beautiful smile. “Thank you!,” she said. ‘And this is for the person behind me.’ Soon others were smiling and laughing. For under a dollar,i was able to share my gratitude and happiness by helping othersbegin their day with a smile.”

And while acknowledging the darkest and heaviest times we experience,it’s important we still need to spin the moment,paint it different colors,and transform it because positivity saves lives- Debbie Lynn,30 degrees full circle

Sometimes with only seconds to respond, we miss the opportunity to acknowledge someone. Become more spontaneous- act when you first get the feeling or thought. The longer you wait,the less chance there is of following through. Start with the wonderful practice of Acknowledgement. Before you do,a word of caution: Giving Acknowledgement to get something in return is manipulation.(I want their approval,I want her friendship) so check your intentions. True acknowledgment is unconditional.

When passion and courage join forces,adversity cannot stop you- Les Hewitt