Taking Personal responsibility

How much responsibility do you take in your own life? Are you an active participant,or a bystander? I have discovered that being responsible generates self esteem. This world needs more participants not more passengers. Active responsible people get things done. They are not dependent on society to look after them nor do they expect handouts. Here’s a big question. Consider it carefully and be honest: Are you taking personal responsibility for creating the life you really want,or are you just hoping it will all work out?

You must take responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances,the seasons,or the wind but you can change yourself-Jim Rohn

Maybe you are waiting for someone to bring your ship in. Perhaps,if you are like a lot of women,you failed to send your ship out in the first place.

“When i finally realized how much of a victim i’d become,” says Mavis, I was disgusted with my self. There I was forty-five year old,divorced and broke. Of course,i blamed him for everything. I would spend more than i would made each month,and i was deserted by my friends. I don’t blame them.I would whine and complain all the time.Nobody wanted to be with me. I finally woke up and decided to accept responsibility for the situation i was in. It was like flipping a switch from victimhood to being responsible.I couldn’t believe the change in me. I felt more powerful,more energetic and more confident. It was like being plugged back into life again. Now i know i have control of the switch.”

The price of greatness is responsibility-Winston Churchill

Feeling helpless or victimized,blaming others,complaining and remaining passive are great techniques for being stuck with low self-esteem. Letting others think and do for you only makes things worse. If you are like most people,there are probably some areas of your life where you are good at taking responsibility and others that could need improvement. You may be responsible at work,but when it comes to managing your finances or your health- you know what i mean.

We tend to like ourselves more in areas where we take responsibility. The opposite is also true. When we avoid taking responsibility,whether that’s with money,health,or some other area of our lives,we like ourselves less. If you want to feel better about yourself,start taking responsibility in more areas of your life. Here’s an exercise to help you focus on building your self-esteem by becoming more responsible,helping you to discover the benefits of increasing your responsibility.

If for example,if i took more responsibility for my body,i would exercise three times every week,drink six glasses of water daily,eat more fruits and vegetables.

  • If i took more responsibilty for my life,i would….
  • If i took more responsibilty for my finances,i would…
  • If i took more more responsibility for my hapiness,i would….
  • If i took more responsibility for my work,i would….

Find where you fit in and make your own reflections.

My own reflection is.. if i took more responsibility for my life,i ‘d stop being so busy and relax more. I’d have more fun and enjoy more belly laughs. I ‘d be kinder and more compassionate to myself.I ‘d strive for even more integrity and build my self- respect. I ‘ d spend less and save more. I ‘d live more for today and become happier.

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility of our future-George Bernard Shaw