Laugh and be happy

Have you noticed how serious most people are these days? The pessimists say our world is falling apart and they complain that it’s no laughing matter. Wonderful speaker and comedienne Loretta LaRoche has a different point of view. “We know sufffering is part of living and we need help to endure it.Resiliency comes from understanding that there are always times when we can laugh,have fun,and be grateful for what we have. We don’t have to wait. Laughter is medicine for our souls. Just as we need food to sustain our body ,we need laughter to soothe our soul.”

Combat dogmatic thinking with a sense of humor. I’m talking about good healthy fun,not making snide comments that deride others. Laugh at your own foibles and let go of your rigidity. Lighten up.Find an excuse to laugh more often. It improves your mood. Go to a funny movie or watch a show that tickles your funny bone.Look for the humor in everyday life.Hanging around people who laugh alot is infectious.

The Older i get,the more i value a good laugh. Nothing puts life into perspective more effectively than seeing the absurdity in it-Loretta LaRoche

Really we need to laugh. It’s nourishing and it promotes better strenghtens our immune system and can lift us out of emotional pain. You can choose to be happy. Some people believe that hapiness isn’t a choice.They claim nobody deliberately decides to be unhappy,whatever happens is outside their control. I agree that bad things happen to people,but i disagree about having no choice. Consciously or unconsciously,we decide to be unhappy through our thoughts and our attitude. We may not stand up and announce,”as Today am choosing to have a miserable day,” but the fact is that,if we are holding a grudge,resenting someone at work,being angry at our spouse or feeling overwhelmed with too many commitments,we may unconsciously be deciding to have a miserable day. We always have the choice to flip our mental switch from unconscious-reactive mode to conscious-choice mode. Remember,the downward spiral?it’s a funnel for negstive energy. We are only aware of this when we consciously sense the shift in our bodies.

Maintaining hapiness is essentially a state of mind.Do everything you can each day to keep the state of your mind healthy. Why do we wait for tragedy such as the loss of a loved one or serious illness to occur before we realize that hapiness is about living now,appreciating every moment,every hour,and every day? It seems to be part of the human condition.

The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find-Anonymous

Often we are blind to the joy and hapiness around us because we have not been taught or conditioned to see it.We rush through our busy days,yet all around us miracles are unfolding. To recognize and appreciate all of the blessings in our lives,we need to develop eyes that can see them.Cultivating an attitude of gratitude will have the greatest impact on your hapiness.

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers,you cannot be successful or happy-Norman Vincent Pearl