About Self-worth

Worthiness can be a difficult concept to grasp. It is closely aligned with self-esteem principles,but how do you prove it even exists? Worthiness does exist,and you have it. It doesnt matter what you’ve done,what has been done to you,whether you feel shame or guilt-your worth is fundamental,and it cannot be diminshed. If i held up a $5 bill and decided to crumple it,stomped on it threw it in the mud puddle and then ask you,”Now how much is it worth?” You would still answer $5.

Lesson learnt; no matter how messed up you are or how people have crumpled on your destiny,the truth is,it does not in anyway diminish your self-worth or value. Now the onus is on you to first work on your value proposition and self-worth for you to be able to see yourself beyond what anyone or circumstances is telling you- Omobola Stephen

I believe unworthines is a spiritual sickness because our worth comes from God. We are all born with a physical body,a mind,emotions,and spirit. Unworthiness at its core is evidenced of a damaged spirit. It’s difficult to express love in this condition. If parents have a low self-worth, they may not know how to love. In this unfortunate situations,the child shoulders the blame. ” I must not be worthy of love,I’m defective. I’m not good enough. ” This lack of worthiness can be passed from one generation to the next.

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner- Lao Tzu

Children in this environment learn that to feel worthy of love they need to act in a certain way,to be a ‘nice little girl.’ or love is tied to accomplishments such as getting excellent grades at school. No wonder we are confused when we are programmed to believe our self-worth is based on how we act or what to do.

Self worth comes from who you are and not what you do. You can look for your worth through achievements,by wearing masks,or by building pseudo self-esteem from external sources,and announce,”Look,i’m worthy,” But inside you still feel hollow and unworthy. Your internal critic says ,”You are not good enough.” As a result,you feel lost and unloved.

Your worth comes from God. This is a divine gift and does not require validation or proof. It will always be a part of you. It’s where your creativity,enthusiasm,peace,love,trust,hapiness,joy,and wisdom resides. It’s yo our spiritual core and it’s invincible. Just know that you are worthy,you are enough- right now.

F. L .Y

First Love Yourself,

Others will come next.

Can you say that with conviction,really believing it? I am enough! This is a cry from your spirit. People who know they are enough value the way they are treated and how they treat others.What about your values? Do you allow people to take you for granted or to demean you? Do you treat others unconditionally. Then your love will be unlimited and will flow freely.

Spiritual matters are personal. Individually,we must discover our own definition and meaning. If you feel unworthy,you can always seek God. A spiritual void is an empty feeling. It is liked being unplugged from the source.However,the source is always. there. It’s up to you to re-connect.