About Integrity

When you want to talk about building healthy self-esteem,you may need to consider Integrity and this means honesty- matching who you are on the inside with who you are on the outside. Young children are often more integral than adults. They speak the truth with no sense about having to please or displease anyone else. They cry when they are hurt and they get angry when they are upset. There’s no holding back or thinking about what others might or might not do.

When you are not being true to yourself,or to others,the fraud is directed right back at you. Your self-esteem takes the hit. Courage and independent thinking are essential ingredients for being authentic. But courage and independent thinking are elusive traits,and this is the reason why so few people are authentic.

One of the truest test of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised- Chinua Achebe

Jennifer says, “I try to impress people when i don’t even respect them. I hate myself when i do that and i often stay silent when I don’t agree with what’s being said.”

Jennifer needs to speak up and be honest. By silencing her truth,she has become devoid of integrity.

The more integral we are,the more self-respect we earn. Our self-esteem begin to flourish.

Another crucial aspect of integrity is keeping our word. It’s not easy. I believe this is one of the prime reasonsour world is in such a state. Do you keep your word? All the time?When you break your word,you break an agreement. There is no such thing as a little agreement. All agreeements are inportant ; they are all based on doing what you say you are going to do. The outcome can be war when leaders of countries break agreements. Husbands and wives break agreements and marriages fall apart. When business partners break agreement,the lawyers get rich.

Some people give their word without even realizing that they have given it,because they treat it so causally.T they ink about how you feel when when a friend breaks her word to you. If she becomes a repeat offender,what does it do to your relationship.

Be conscious when you are giving your word. Focus! Treat your word as if it’s all you have.It is what sets you apart int the integrity stakes.

Giving your word means you are being accountable to yourself and to the people with whom you work,playzand share your life.

If you want self–respect,to stand out in the business community,if you want great relationships,and you want to be trusted, keep your word!

You can’t, in sound morals, condemn a man for taking care of his own integrity. It is his clear duty-Joseph Conrad

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