The Magic of drinking Water

As outrageous as it seems ,drinking water may be the single most important catalyst in shedding weight, and increasing energy and preventing certain diseases.If we think of this logically,it makes sense because more than 70percent of our body is comprised of water.

Depending on the study,it is believed that more than 70 percent of our population is chronically dehydrated. We have seemed to replace Mother Nature’s beverage with soda,coffee,milk,juice,and beer. Once again,we have become victims of the food industry marketing giants,convincing us to drink anything but water.

Get this- everytime you drink a liquid other than water,your body reacts quickly to dilute it with your internal water stores. This causes a shortage,unless you ‘ve become consumed large amounts of water that day. So each time you drink a beverage other than water,drink another glass or two of water to counteract it. This solution can help the millions of people who are chronically dehydrated. How very natural and simple. Water can play a life-changing role in your quest for great health. Strangely,you will notice as uou start drinking more water that you become thirstier than before. Why this? On the surface,it doesn’t make sense. But here are the facts:

  • Water suppresses the apetite naturally and helps your body metabolise stored fat.
  • A decrease in water will cause fat deposits to increase,while an increase in water can reduce fat deposits. This alone should catch your attention if you want to shed weight.
  • Your kidneys can’t function properly without enough water. The liver has to help the kidneys,so it works harder. But one of the liver’s primary funftions is to metabolize stored fat so it cannot handle this excess work.
  • Drinking more water prevents fluid retention.
  • Water rids the body of waste and toxins-especially important if you are shedding weight or changing lifestyle.
  • Water can help relieve constipation but since we are now eating enough fibre we are okay,right?
  • Water is mother nature’s greatest beauty clinic.
  • Drinking more water reduces overnight hunger pangs.
  • Drinking more water can prevent fatigue,headaches, sinus problems,allergies,breathing difficulties,joint discomforts,neck,and back pain,sleep disorders,impotence,depression,and brain dysfunction. Wow!
  • Water helps maintain proper muscle tone by helping musclesin their natural ability to contract.
  • Natural thirst returns. This is why you are thirstier even though you are drinking more water. Your body is loving it and telling you it wants more.
  • Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day makes your rate of metabolism works faster and you know what that means- No chance for fat deposits and toxins.

Don’t worry if it takes time to get used to doing this.

Thousands have lived without love,no one without water-W.H Auden