Cardiovascular training

Cardiovascular activity is the key to building a strong heart and healthy lungs. Typically this activity is aerobic(aerobic means “with oxygen”) Aerobic activity includes a jog without stopping,a power walk,a high- impact aerobic class and swimming laps without stopping. Cardiovascular activity can also be a mix of aerobic and anaerobic(circuit training with weights and stationery bikes,basketbalk,tennis,volleyball or any stop-and-go activity) To achieve effective metabolic rate,it is best to do at least twenty five minutes of cardio before breakfast,or as early in the day as possible.

I know this early morning routine isn’t possible for everyone. Just get your body moving. Find an aerobic activity you can do at least three days a week. Remember, the 1 percent rule,if you are not doing any activity now,start by taking a walk twice this week. As a bonus,become aware of any situation that will keep you active. If there are stairs at work,take them. Walk to the store instead of driving. Ride a bicycle. Find as many ways to move your joints as possible. When it comes to recreation,do what you enjoy,whether it is a racket sport,hiking,throwing a frisbee,swimming,playing golf,or skiing. It’s all good.

The best exercise in the world is the one you will do- Covert Bailey

If you want to shed weight,do a cardio that provides an adequate amount of aerobic intensity (a powerwalk,jogging,a stationery bike or bike riding along a path, a swim or a step class) .Spend at least twenty five minutes at moderate intensity. Moderate is when you can speak fairly easily without losing your breath. This is best for weight management.

If you are focusing on maintenance,fitness,endurance,do a cardiovascular activity that provides you with a more intense amount of aerobics. You will be breathing heavier. During a twenty-five minute workout,you will want to stay in the high-intensity range most of the time.

Try a workout today,you will be glad you did.

Work hard,eat well,be patient.

Your body will reward you-Omobola Stephen

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