Uncover your Mask: The Busy Bee Mask

Never get so busy making yourself a living that you forget to make a life

More than any other,i believe this mask gets the most use. The individual wearing it is constantly picking up,dropping off,making to-do-lists,volunteering, being productive. Always on the move.

I know what you are thinking: This is my life right now. Am i really wearing this mask? To help you differentiate,answer these two questions:

  • Can you sit alone and do nothing?
  • If you stopped doing,would you still feel worthy?

The thought of wasting time being unproductive is abnormal to the Busy Bee. This individual never gives herself free time and fears having nothing to do. The Busy Bee Mask is a clever and defense mechanism that helps her avoid facing her true feelings. Oh yes! Feelings are at the core of every life- changing decision you make.

Now think about this: What if the sheer pace of your hectic schedule burns you out? What then? You ‘ll be forced to stop. Life has a way of throwing little curve balls when you least expect it. These curve balls show up as a heart attack,divorce,or business failure to name a few.When you are forced to stop and think you have a great opportunity to face your underlying emotional pain. can examine yourself by asking:

  • Why am I living like this?
  • What am I running from?
  • What am I afraid of?

Whenever i was upset,I’d go to the kitchen and start cleaning,my family knew this was a warning sign to keep clear.I’d scrub furiously,cleaning,and washing everything in sight,all to avoid feeling. Now I take “me time” to experience feelings and face the truth. I learn more about myself when I do this. My home isn’t getting nearly as much attention these days,but am a lot more relaxed.

Slow down and question your need to be so busy. There are three possibilities:

  • You are passionate about what you do.

You love your work and it energizes you.
You also take breaks and you understand the importance of balance.

  • You simply need more help and support.

Your to-do-list is real and everything on it requires attention. The problem is that nobody else is sharing the load with you.

  • You have an unhealthy compulsion to be busy.You drive people crazy when your busy motor is in overdrive.

The first two points above have nothing to do with the Busy Bee Mask. You’re a busy person,and while you may need to do something about reducing your load,you don’t need to figure out how to remove the Busy Bee Mask. But if you saw yourself in the third possibiloty ,discovering what is behind the compulsion is critical. What pain are you seeking to avoid? What belief system did you adopt that said life was all work and no play?

Being Busy is one thing,knowing what you are busy about is far more important.

Here are a few steps you can take to remove the Busy Bee Mask

  • Every day,challenge your compulsion to be busy. The mask will gradually lose its power over you.
  • Schedule some quiet time for yourself. Start with ten minutes and gradually increase it.Sit alone in complete privacy – no television or reading magazines. These are just subtle ways to keep you doing. Release any emotions that surface. Later,capture your thoughts in a journal or verbalize them.Yes,it’s okay to talk to your yourself!
  • Remove unessential items from your to-do-list.