My Christmas

Today is one of those days that i choose to reminisce on my journey to destiny fulfilment this year. It has been an incredible one indeed. One filled with pleasant memories but not without some ugly moments (as it always will).

I mean i do not have to wait till the eve of the New year before i embark on this retrospect. I really need it especially as a New year is gradually setting in.

For my relationships,i have realised that i only need ‘me’ to make things happen and not the consent or permission of anyone. I had always thought that the people in my life can,in some way,be able to sort me out. High hopes and expectations on them but inturn,i receive the same measure in disappointments. I mean,huge ones. I suddenly realised that,what i was able to achieve without them far outweighs what i thought they could do for me. This is one major lesson.

And on Charity, Love they say,is the greatest gift of all and considering your neighbour is a command given to us by God. Looking back from beginning of this year till date,i must sincerely confess that i have never reached out in kindness more than i did this year. It has been one turn of charity to the other. And you know, the outcome,my hands have always been on top. Sometimes,i begin to wonder,how did it happen? The law of reaping and sowing you say!

I believe strongly that this is the real essence of Christmas-To Show love in any way you can especially to those who don’t look like or seem like it.

And for the major miracles in healing,protection,guidance,provision,and breakthroughs. I have had an incredible share of them. Not that am deserving but His mercies made the difference. Come to think of it, even fasting and praying couldn’t cover for God’s faithfulness still. It’s overwhelming.

Needless to say, exuding positive energy everywhere i go has helped me take on new territories and achieve the impossible. The law of attraction comes to play here. You attract only what you give out. Life is about principles you bet .

Today,I choose to be grateful for everything. Looking back,the journey was worth it.