Between Perception and Reality

People see what they want to see and what people want to see isn’t always the truth-Roberto Bolano

Oh yeah! It is often said that Perception (how you like and want to be seen)is greater than reality(Who you really are). In this age and modern time,it is so lHow then can we ignore Reality? How can we prove to people in our lives that this ‘who we truly are?’ I know its somewhat a big deal to handle,we want them to believe what they see but deep down,it’s all falsehood. We are ‘living a lie’ and we seem to be enjoying every bit of it.

We must not allow other people’s perception to define us- Virginia Satir

The truth is,we have failed to accept our identity. Nothing can ever beat the true test of being an original. There is that inner peace and harmony that resonates within.

Perception may be greater than reality no doubt,but the bitter truth is that,it doesn’t last. There’s no amount of effort you can put into it that can equal the feeling of being real with yourself.

In Advertising,Perception makes all the difference and that is why FMCG companies have been able to create incredible brand loyalists within and without. But really is this good enough? Should we continually be driven by falsehood? When we have to bring in Reality to the table,who can boldly say they are up and game? With perception in mind, a woman who has delay in child-bearing could resort to IVF’s till she suceeds at it and more often than not,failure is an expected result.whereas,Reality says delay is normal and could be expected when looking forward to conception. It did not say,giving up on fate should be the next line of action,but that,staying true and identifying with the reality is the best form of approach to the situation.

Perception is reality but it may not be actuality and you have got to be able to keep the difference between that- Bill Cowher

I have encountered different shades of perception and it’s futility and the major cause of this is the fact that most people have willingly allowed their environment and relationships overrule their reality. They have immersed themselves in the pit of lies.Putting in every effort to be seen in the form they appear.

When you go online, it is clear that social media has encouraged the pursuit of perception in its highest form. How you want to be seen and accepted is what is on the minds of most people. But how long will it last?

Perception for me,has done more harm than good.

If you really can’t beat them,you don’t have to join them,rather,be who you are. Learn to live for yourself and not for others. Be driven by Reality!

If the doors of reality were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is.infinite -William Blake

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