Enjoying Physical Fitness

When you think of exercise,do you picture a beautiful,lean blonde doing a workout on the fitness channel? Or do you see yourself on one of those machines at the gym,panting and sweating heavily? Cardiovascular activity is a crucial aspect of getting fit,but many women don’t know how much about it. Here are some facts:

  • As a woman,your metabollic rate naturally decreases after the age of thirty. Hormonal and lifestyle changes are the usual culprits. But if you build lean muscles,you will naturally increase your metabolic rate,no matter what your age is.
  • If cardio is your only activity and you are not eating sufficient calories,you may be cannibalising your own muscle,which decreases your metabolic rate and sets you up for instant weight gain if the cardio is stopped.
  • One half-hour session with weights can easily consume more calories than moderate period of cycling,brisk walking,or jogging. Your body will burn calories faster for up to two hours after a strenght-training session.
  • At rest,each pound of active muscle tissue burns thirty-five calories a day,while a pound of dead fat burns only two calories per day.
  • You won’t look like a body-builder. Women don’t have the testosterone that builds big,bulky muscles. Your chances are about as good as growing a moustache.
  • A combination of weight training,cardiovascular activity and stretching is best for proper fitness.Doing only one activity is not as beneficial as a diverse,effective, and fun combination.
  • Muscle is the engine that burns fat. It increases your metabolic rate and it builds and maintains strong bones. It can also improve your posture. If you want to shed weight or maintain your ideal weight,replace your old beliefs with this fact-muscle is the engine that burns fat.

Weight lifting is about lifting the impossible, overcoming the unachievable. If you don’t lift things that are hard and only do things you can do,its only going to get boring. Unless you want to lift beyond limits. To get stronger,to achieve new goals, and to be satisfied,you have got to lift past these challenges and still lift the things you think are impossible. To really understand how true your strength will show,lift how i really lift,learn how I lift,watch how i lift and your true strenght will come forth and be revealed- Chaser Holmes

For few years now,I have been faithful to aerobics. If i could just huff and puff enough,i thought,I would keep the weight off. Typically,I did forty-five minutes of cardio followed by fifteen minutes of abdominals and stretching.If i had known then what I know now,I would have spent more time flexing my triceps and biceps and stretching for longer periods. My cardio workout is still a major part of my training schedule but now i include weights. This is a great way to burn unwanted calories,reduce stress and keep my body stronger.

Weight Training

Training with weights will create resistance in the muscles you are working. This resistance builds more muscle. Although there are many ways to cause resistance,I recommend that you keep it simple by doing weights at home or by using dumbells,barbells,fitballs,and weight machine in a fitness facility where they will be able to set you up with a customized program. Be sure to select the right program to suit your lifestyle.

Building healthy abdominal muscles will help keep your back strong. There are many great exercises to strenghten your core muscles too. With all the fun equipment,you can purchase for home use,there’s no excuse. You do not need to buy expensive equipment-handheld weights,rubber tubing,and a fit ball will do the job just as well.

If you just want to do something simple from home,check out the library or the internet for books on weight training. Most important,make it fun! Remember that you are building lean muscle that will keep you healthy,lean,and strong for life.

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