Prioritizing your Values

One of the keys to creating excellent balance in life lies in knowing what we value most and making this a priority. We are more likely to stay true to our values when we know what they are.But people are often vague when it comes to defining values. We know some of our surface values,like maintaining good health,but deeper values that are connected to our core remain elusive. Making our values a foundation for everything we do gives us a great feeling of congruency. When our goals,work,and relationships are in alignment with our values,life flows more easily. This is the catalyst for creating joy and peace of mind.

The opposite is also true. If we do not integrate our most important values into everyday life,we experience stress,tension,and’s like having a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that don’t fit. No matter how much we force them to mesh,they never do. Instead of creating joy and harmony,life feels disjointed,frustrating,and meaningless.

The principle of priority states: you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important,you must do what’s important first- Steven Pressfied,The War of Art: Break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles

To avoid these potential angst,may i suggest to you some lists of values. Not all of these will apply to you,and there may be other values not on the list for which you have a high regard. That’s fine- just make a note of them.

I cherish many of the values on the list,especially health,quiet time,family and work. How do I integrate these values into my life? I exercise everyday by going to the gym,doing aerobics or walking. Exercise does not only keep me fit,it’s the best way for me to handle stress and stay healthy. Giving back to the community in some capacity is also important to me.

Here is the list,in no particular order of importance. That’s up to you to decide:

Family. Quiet time Opportunity

Work. Creativity. Spirituality

Honesty. Intuition. Independence

Faith. Knowledge. Beauty

Courage. Compassion. Adventure

Fun. Solitude. Tithing

Health. Friendship. Music

Learning. Intelligence. Balance

Flexibility. Self-discipline. Financial security

Playfulness. Generosity. Cleanliness

Culture Achievement. Enthusiasm

Win-win. Passion

I also schedule quiet time every day. That’s the time I can reflect without interruptio . It helps me solve problem and nurtures my creativity. It’s also time to connect with God. That relationship is significant to me. My work provides meaning and helps me to expand my competence and confidence. It also balance my week. Not everyday is perfect- The unexpected can knock my best-laid schedule off course. But most of the time,i feel balanced and satisfied that i am in harmony with myself.

Integration of your values into your life is the key to balance. When you do this,you may not get your busy stuff completed all the time,you may not be perceived as Mr/Mrs sufficient anymore,but by putting your most important values first,you will feel happier.What will your day look like and feel like if you lived more from your values?

The good news is that you don’t need to integrate everything all at once. Pick one or two values to start with,then focus on these for the next few weeks. Make decisions that are centered on these values and be more conscious of how this affects you each day. You ‘ll likely feel more in charge,more confident,and more congruent. That’s a lot better than filling your days with too much stuff,feeling bombarded and out of control.

Life is short.Focus on what really matters most.You must change your priorities overtime-Roy T. Benneth