Don’t underestimate yourself

No matter how demanding and complex your life may be,try as much as possible to respect the talents you have developed over your lifetime.

The chances are, you already have everything you need to follow your dreams. A plan has already been placed deep in your heart; find it for yourself and reignite your passion for living. Just get started,move into action. A ship at sea can totally change course with only a two degree shift in direction. You too,can change the outcome of your life by making a few little adjustments.

No matter the circumstances you find yourself in right now,know one thing for sure; if you want,you can change what you don’t like. You can start out on a new journey. That sounds interesting but it seems overwhelming.

Really,some people have an inner drive to succeed, Canadian speed skater,Catriona LeMay Doan is one of them. From an early age,she wanted to be the best. By her own as admission,she is stubborn,competitive,and a constructive perfectionist. All of these qualities help her reach the top of her chosen profession in speed skating because according to her, “I just put my mind to it and focused. I was inspired by other athletics who had won at the olympics. Nobody pushed me,they knew better! I do my own thing and i do it 100 percent.I like the feeling of getting better as t something,so I will do whatever it takes. At every race,the first thing i do is reflect on what i could have improved. I can celebrate later.

To reach the top at anything in life requires drive,intensity,and belief in yourself. When you have big goals,life is very challenging. It’s okay to talk admit it’s hard,instead of denying the reality. My advice to everyone out there is to be proud at the end of every day knowing that you did your best even if you didn’t accomplish everything.

Don’ t underestimate the power of a mind that is already made up- Miya Yamanouchi