Making changes provides an opportunity to dramatically better our lives. We can improve our health,relationships,career,income, level of hapiness and our hope for a more optimistic future.Making changes requires a conviction that we are making the right choices.

Really there are some barriers that will stop you from moving forward. The first step is to become aware of the barriers that are holding you back. When you take the time to observe what is really going on,you will be in a better position to make wise decisions.

You cannot change your destination overnight,but you can change your direction-Jim Rohn

The barriers are highlighted below:

Paddling in your comfort zone. Challenging your comfort level helps you to feel more alive,more passionate,and more confident about getting what you want.Choosing to stay in a comfort zone eventually restricts your capacity for life. Is that what you really want?Everything you will ever need to succeed or be happy lies outside your comfort zone. You may need to stretch yourself beyond your limit inorder for you to attain the life you have always wanted. For Change to happen, there’s need to consider your relationships. If you are too comfortable with them,you may be sabotaging your true hapiness and real identity. When it’s time for change,then you must be willing to accept that fact and be bold enough to take the step.

Beware of Apathy and Indifference.

Realizing your life is on hold because you are stuck in the comfort zone trap is quite different from another obstacle to change: Apathy. Indifference and lack of passion rob many people from taking calculated risks that will improve their circumstances . For some it’s their life-load that’s holding them back.They are burdened already.Change for these people is just another thing to do. Many are shut down emotionally-life feels flat and joyless. They go about the motions of living,but they are dead inside. I call them the living dead. It’s sad- dead at forty but not buried till they are eighty.

Perhaps you are thinking,there’s no way i can get excited about my job. I challenge you to change that. Feeling indifferent or bored is not a good return on the many precious hours you invest at work. Our jobs need to be more fulfilling than just picking up a paycheck. Even the most menial work can be stimulating with the right attitude.

When we are no longer able to change a situation,we are challenged to change ourselves-Vicktor Frankl

It’s not only people who are over-burdened that end up feeling apathetic and indifferent,Many working men and women would like to change their situation but they have stayed too long at the same job and eventually indifference sets in. Why not care enough about yourself to make a change?No matter how bad the situation is,know this-you can change it. Have faith and believe things can be different. Then start taking the necessary action.

Justifying your Actions

Sometimes we don’t want to open our eyes to reality because the truth is too painful. It’s easier to justify and rationalize being stuck instead of making changes.

Have you ever known someone who could not manage her money? Her bills were never paid on time plus the credit cards were overused and abused. Yet she can justify spending the money she doesn’t have because she’s addicted to shopping

The perfectionist often falls into this trap. Because of their perceived notion that they are always right,it therefore becomes a burden for them to accept any fault of theirs instead they end up manipulating the people in their lives by justifying their actions.

Relationships suffer alot more when couples,or employees do not learn to quit the justifying game and submit themselves to the change they need to become better.

Don’t allow your justification to get in the way of making the changes you want or need to make. Change is a process, it may take longer than you want but at least start with a plan.

Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced- James Baldwin