Climb out of your Box

Are you stuck in repeating patterns? It is impossible to change your life if you keep on doing the same old things over and over again. Some people just keep recycling the same old rubbish.

  • Julie keeps dating the wrong type of men.
  • Tony runs from one financial mess to another.
  • Babara gets fired from her job about every six months.

Imagine if you always went to the store on Thursday nights for groceries. Then the store decided to change it’s hours,closing early on Thursday,but you still keep showing up every Thursday night for your groceries. That’s ridiculous,you say. Of course it is. But do you get the point?

For things to change,you have got to change otherwise nothing much will change-Jim Rohn

If you keep repeating same old patterns,the common denominator is obvious. It’s You. You are it! Instead of wasting enormous amount of energy trying to change everyone and everything,start with changing yourself. Next time you feel stuck in a familiar pattern,ask yourself: How have I set this up for my self so am experiencing this again?

Change is difficult but you have got to make that move anyway if you want to have a headway in life.One major factor that triggers change in people is Desperation.

The Day of Desperation

Some wake-up calls such as a diagnosis from your doctor hit you hard. These wake-up calls are automatic precursors to change. There are also times when your desperation peaks;when you finally have had enough:

  • I’m sick of being tired and resentful.
  • I’m fed up with my mediocre life.
  • I’m done with this abusive behavior.

When this happens,something has to change for you- now,today! This is your Day of Desperation. The day that can turn everything around. This is the day you take the pain of your discomfort,the frustration of your disgust,and the fuel of your anger and use them as impetus for change. You arm yourself with an attitude of rigid determination. “No matter what it takes,no matter how difficult it is going to be,I will not accept another day of this. Nothing will stop me.”

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blosom- Anais Nin

What a wonderful day! This Day of Desperation allows you to mentally reframe your discomfort,pain or helplessness to one of new possibilities,freedom,and empowerment. So the next time you feel strongly that something is totally unacceptable,be conscious that this could be your big day,an opportunity to break free of the shackles that are holding you back.

The real win can only come when you regain your control. Little bit little,you will see yourself become the person you used to be.

Life does not present problems,only challenges,and this is the rule I live by. Sometimes, I anticipate challenges because it affords me the opportunity for growth and new experiences.

For anyone who doubts their own ability,remember this: Before lawyers became lawyers,or doctors bexame doctors,they were students in the same education system that most of us belonged to. If they can be successful,so can we.

Desperation can become the springboard for inspiration. Knowing this creates confidence. If you are currently battling discouragement and uncertainty,the first step is making the decision to change-then you take action. No more procrastination,justifying,rationalizing,or worrying about consequences. Desperation is your friend. Embrace it. Be thankful for it,and use it as a catapult to bring you out of your present dilemma so you can be free to create the life you really want and deserve.