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It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are-Roy E .Disney

Stephanie screamed as she got down from the car. “You know what,am sick and tired of this whole maddening situation.How can my mom hold me responsible for her misfortune? I mean,I can’t get it. Did anyone told her am the one who got her stuck there? I have gone through several bouts of pains,misery,heartaches that are inexplicable and am trying hard to get myself out of that prison and all you people could tell me is to try and fix my mom’s situation.Don’t even think about it. I am going through these shits in my entire life because of my mom’s ignoble attitude. She got into a fight with a neighbour, her clothings were torn,she wanted a revenge so broke into her neighbor’s room and burnt her clothings and that led my father to break away from us and did not care to look back till he gave up the ghost. For many years,i lived like an orphan,jumping from one bed to the other for survival,got engaged to a man i never really loved and wanted and still struggling to be happy in his house and now everyone is blaming me for my mom’s predicament. I should be the one playing the blame-game here. Please excuse me and let her go and ammend her ways and allow me live my life.” Stephanie ranted.

I once counselled a lady few months ago.Her name is Doren. She had walked into my office disgruntled. Doren is a mother of five and she runs a freelance job online as a graphic artist.She narrated a very pitiable story to me about how her parents broke up while she was in the middle school. As the only child,she was torn between staying with her dad or going with her mom. At the long run,her decision to stick with her mom brought untold hardships,and toilings that she didn’t recover for several years.Her mom had no source of income and this forced Doren to resort into prostitution. She became a prey in the hands of different men and at a particualr point in her life,she almost lost her life as a result of a strange illness that came upon her. Today she has recovered all and her life has experienced immense bliss and peace.Her healing came because she decided to forgive her parents for their actions and see it as a part of God’s plan.

Though it is hard to take it in especially when the hurt is coming from those we look up to. Be that as it may, choosing to forgo any hurts and forge ahead is the best gift we can give ourselves.

Undoubtedly our personal life drama has got alot to do with how events play out and shape our life afterwards,we may want to reconsider putting things in proper perspective when we need to make decisions and live our life. So many of us are stuck in one life’s prison or the other by the decisions we took some years ago or even few months ago. Some of these decisions have had a major consequence on our children,husbands,wives, or those in our lives with no sign of recovery at sight.

The decisions of Stephanie’s mom several years ago undoubtedly impacted negatively on Stephanie’s life a great deal but instead of having a new perspective about life,and initiating change where necessary,Stephanie’s mom decided to hold her daughter’s life in ransom by demanding that she trade her own comfort and livelihood for her wellbeing for as long as she can.

I phoned her two weeks ago to exercise patience on the matter; to see God’s hands in all that had happened and choose to love her mom and accept her unconditionally.Though the advice is tough on her but she has decided to give her best shots Recently,she bought a Samsung Note 9 for mom and lavished her with gifts.She has found inner peace and inexplicable joy since then.

Whatever is hard to change must be solely accepted as fate.Moving on joyfully with life is a prerequisite for peaceful livingOmobola Stephen

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