Keeping your Relationship on Track (3)

3. You must become aware of the spititual deception that attempts to derail your relationship

We forget that marriage is a holy act. The uniting of two people through marriage is a union of spirits. Ending a marriage doesn’t absolve that union-it simply seperates the partners physically. It only takes one person to severe the tie but a host of people are deeply affected for the rest of their lives.

To be willing to disolve a holy tie,you must be deceived. The deception process is slow and insidous. It begins with a little disappointment,unhapiness,or wounding. You entertain the notion that someone or something else can make up the difference or provide something you don’t have. It’s the same lie Eve bought in the garden.

Remember Eve? She could have eaten from any tree in the garden except one.That’s the one satan used to lure her. When he appeared in the form of a lowly snake,she listened to his ideas. Satan lied to her. “You can eat and you won’t die.” We might all be running around naked in a Middle Eastern paradise if she had replied, ” Satan,you ‘re liar, take a crawl. I know what God said.”

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinion-Leonardo Da Vinci

Take this position with even the smallest thing that goes against God.When God’s word is clear on something,don’t believe anything else. Eve ate the food and found out God was serious about His word. Just like Eve,If you believe the myths and lies and choose to divorce,you ‘ll live with the consequences of your choice. Certainly,God still loves you and shows His grace and mercy,but natural consequences will follow your actions.

You may be in the middle of very difficult circumstances with a spouse. You may even be seperated.Let me say a few word about seperation. At times,marital seperation is warranted to stop abusive behavior or to show that you mean business when dealing with unrepented sinful behavior such as pornography,adultery,gambling,and things that could be harmful to the rest of the family. Seperation might be a step toward reconciliation. It can be a strategy used to say, “knock it off.Get serious,get control,and stop misbehaving. When you can show me you are a changed person(over time) ,we ‘ll reunite.”

Seperation doesn’t work when a spouse is already determined to get out of the marriage and uses the seperation to do as he or she pleases. It also doesn’t work if a spouse refuses to address the spiritual,behavioural,or emotional issues of the marriage. In these case,the spouse has already disconnected emotionally. Seperation only reinforces that distance.

For the christian,reconciliation should always be the goal.Reconciliation requires forgiveness,and a true change of heart. One or both spouses may have to make serious behavior changes. However,change usually begins with a willful decision to think and behave differently. Add God’s power to the mix,and reconciliation is possible. I speak from professional experience.

The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you ‘ve ever wished for.Pray for wisdom and discernment