The “Now” Generation

Sometimes we rush headlong into change and it’s not always helpful. Thanks to technology,we live in a super-fast world of modems,emails,Internet,cell phones,and handheld organizers.This has it’s advantages.

The downside is that when we want something, we want it instantly. Our pace of life is changing dramatically. Where have patience and the ability to wait gone? We are becoming frenetic and stressed out,always racing to the finish line.We expect everything faster as we gulp down another instant meal.Quick,buy it now, nothing down,pay later.

Why have we bought into all this?it’s called Instant gain. We can own it today and worry about going broke later. Many people consider delayed gratification to be an old-fashioned value but at what cost?

Check your family first. What message are you sending your children by giving them everything they want immediately instead of having them work towards a goal or save up for it?

It’s little wonder our society is becoming more inpatient,narcissistic, and self-centered. A word of caution-as you decide to make changes,check that your values and standards are not being sabotaged at the same time.

Change takes time. Especially if you want to change some old habits and replace them with new ones. Don’t be too pressured by our hurry-up society and impatience to see results. Give change a chance.

Daniel Goleman in his best -selling book,Emotional Intelligence,offers more proof. His research shows that adults who had resisted temptation as early as age four,were more socially competent,personally effective,self-assertive and better be able to cope with the frustrations of life.

Change begins with you and within you.

Change is Inevitable,growth is optional.