When Wisdom Is All That Is Left

So I looked around for the next big answer to a dilemma I was confronted with but it didn’t come. Really, I was broke and simultaneoulsy had some amount of money to pay to a client for a job.And in my frame,I had contemplated handling the change to him hoping to balance him soon.But it was a dicey situation for me.I had believed applying faith would bring respite. (Kindly note that I’m not ruling out the importance of being a faith-based christian) but on this particular day,I needed to take Action.On the look out for what next to do,I had a prompting in my spirit,”Why not hold on to the change,you do not know what tomorrow will hold.You may need to confront your fear,worry,and confusion.kindly tell your client to hold on a bit.” I heaved a sigh of relief and chuckled. For me,I couldn’t ask for more. That was the guidance I needed. It was Wisdom.

I approached him the following day in his office a bit affrighted. “Good morning Sir, How are you and your family? Though I had promised to hand over the money to you yesterday but somehow I had a pressing need I had to attend to. Please do kindly bear with me. I ‘ll make it up before the week runs out or next week unfailingly.” I pleaded. ” But Madam,you don’t have to worry,I quite understand. Interestingly,I have sorted the payment.May God provide for you.” He responded calmly. “Thanks for your understanding Sir.” I replied and left his office.Immediately I had a cold shudder run through my spine.It looks good to be true.”Just like that.” I said to myself and walked away.

Two days later,I was able to pay him the money and I felt so relieved afterwards. But the solution to my challenge wouldn’t have happened swiflty if I had locked myself in the prison of self-pity and perceived spirituality. Atimes,Wisdom is all that you need to get the job done,or to attend to an urgent situation.


Wisdom says,”Reach out to me,and I will be right there to offer any help.” Indeed that was my story and a lesson to embolden me for what is to come next.

Moral of the Lesson:

  • Seeking the face of God is key to unravelling mysteries and secrets.It is what will provide the direction,guidance and answer to any situation you may be confronted with.
  • Most often times,God is expecting you to take the bull by the horn and damn the consequences(That happens when you ‘re sure He’s the one calling the shot)
  • When you are in a dilemma,you may have to exercise a little patience in taking any decisions inorder to forestall any future regrets. Most often times,looking inwards and searching for the answers within is all that matters.
  • Trust me,when God is giving you a direction on something,you don’t have to set up a negotiation table. You only need to confront any fear or anxiety and take action.
  • When you have prayed,wait for an answer. There has never been a time you prayed and received no answer. The truth is,you were looking elsewhere for answers or perhaps you wanted a better offer from what your spirit is telling you.
  • Always be a positive person and radiate positive energy anytime. This energy will help you to overcome any negative influences around. Remember,The Law of Attraction states,Positive attracts positive.

Do have the belief,there’s no challenge that comes your way which God hasn’t provided a solution to. You only need to seek His face and I guarantee you,an immediate response afterwards.

Remember! Wisdom is the principal thing.When Wisdom yells,don’t turn your back. Lay hold of it.

In every walk with nature,One receives far more than he seeks-John Muir