It Begins With You

Everything you ever wanted in life takes effort. Fulfilling your dreams,enriching your family life,healing relationships. Give up the illusion that life should be comfortable. The truth is ,Life is difficult. To overcome its chalenges,you must exercise and strenghten those muscles that produce tenacity,passion,and persistence.

Be careful what you pursue or you may end up controlled by your lifestyle,buried under an avalanche of debt. It’s much better to live a balanced life,a life based on your most important values. This is the secret to experiencing joy and meaning in everyday. Be gentle with yourself. Vanquish the critical voice of judgement. Accept all you are with love and compassion, so you can love others too. Recall the child you used to be-she too deserves love and acceptance. Be playful,remove your masks,liberate the authentic you,and you will feel powerful.

Set boundaries that teach people how to treat you with respect and the love you deserve. Start reclaiming your life-learn to say no. This skill takes time and persistence so be patient.Move forward,measure your progress and keep your gaze firmly on Finding True Happiness, Focusing on what you want,and Living on Purpose.

You cannot move forward if you ‘re always looking back. Unchain yourself from past issues and heal what’s broken. For the sake of your health and your relationships,release any anger you have been holding inside. Learn to forgive.Sometimes it’s important to let go. I discovered a new foundfreedom when I stopped attempting to save others who do not want to be saved.Learn to express your true feelings about issues,even when others do not agree. Let go of the guilt. It’s okay to put yourslef first now and again. Don’t lose yourself along the way by being beholden to everyone else.Move forward on your journey with courage and faith.

If you feel jaded,think back to what used to be the greatest fun for you and do it again. Do more of it and laugh more. We get so entrenched in our obligations we become boring. Women especially,focus on a lot of sruffs that’s not important. Only when you’re focused on what is really meaningful to you, will anything significant come out of it.

Unfortunately,we usually learn this when we are older. Wouldn’t it be great to discover this when we were young? A lot of people would end up with fewer regrets. You don’t need an exciting or glamorous career,or to own your business,to have passion for what you do. Passion comes from you. Work and relationship do not make you passionate, you do. Passion is like a flame inside that needs to be ignited. Some people are passionate about their work,even though most people wouldn’t choose to do what they want. They are alive and happy doing it.

Your children are not appendages,they have so much to give, and yet reading the newspaper becomes more important in some households than reading to the kids.Read to them and look straight into their eyes. This helps them to feel secured and more bonded to you.

Above all,start living the life you really want,and in doing so,give the world an incredible gift-The gift of you!

To make change happen,you need Clarity,Commitment,and focused action.

You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal-Charles Carlson