It’s Time To Outsource

The other part of outsourcing is this:It simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can inside,we should do it-Alphonso Jackson

If you want more time to do the things you really enjoy,outsourcing is the way to go. Yes,it takes money,but for many busy people especially working mothers,outsourcing is not only a potential marriage saver,it’s a lifesaver too. Do you remember the story about Steve and Becky? Becky was resentful because Steve wasn’t making much of an effort to find work,nor was he helping out around the house. Steve eventually found a good job,and they decided to use some of his income to outsource. Becky now has a baby sitter coming in two evenings a week so that she and Steve can have a date night,plus another evening where they can be free to do what they want. They also hired a house keeper twice a month. Becky says:

“I am much more relaxed about the house being totally cleaned every two’s taken some of the pressure off. Steve and I really look forward to our date nights. Even though we ‘ve had to stretch a little financially,it’s been money well spent. Our relationship has never been better.”

To free up time while minimizing costs,be creative. Hire the teenager next door to cut your lawn or weed the garden. Ask family and friends for help with babysitting. For years,my sister looked after our kids once a week. Is there a retired handyman in your neighbourhood who would love to do odd jobs-painting,electrical, fence repair- around the house? It was great when my nephew learned how to drive. They were happy to do errands for my sister just for the opportunity to borrow the car. One of my friends dislike going to shop for clothes,so she avoids the hustle by ordering from online catalogs.She does this on her own time and save hours in the process.

Break the busy routine,snd lower your stress level. Outsourcing can also free you from cooking. Have family members share the load,hire someone,or use take-out(there are some healthy ones) It doesn’t need to be expensive. The key is to find as many ways as you can to save thirty minutes here and there. This adds up to several hours per week that can be put to better use. It’s all about finding balancr,conserving energy and creating time to rejuvenate,whether that means listening to your favorite music,having a massage or gardening.

Give it a thought.

Complement people,magnify their strength not their weakness