When You Have Got A Glimpse Of Your Future

God showed her a glimpse of her future and suddenly the past lost all its power-@MsKristyButler

A story was shared by one of my mentors about a lady named Isabelle. The story touched my heart in so much that I felt a deep connection for her.

Isabelle got married at the age of twenty five to Robert and they had three beautiful sons but her life wasn’t playing out the way she expected. It’s been myriads of problem or the other. She blamed everyone for her predicament and chose to be resentful and vindictive. Isabelle had confronted her husband many times on why he wouldn’t support her dreams. She had presented over five of them to him but he not one did he gave audience to. Actually he didn’t see the need for her to be carried away by what other people are involved in. She should be herself and focus on taking care of the kids.This was tough on Isabelle.

One day,she decided she was no longer going to ask Robert for anything. Her desires had been busted so many times by him. Isabelle decided to focus on herself and look within for the answers she needed. It was on this premise,that she began the journey to becoming an author. In the spate of four days,she had come up with a non-fiction book and was able to self- publish it with the help of Kindle Create Publishing. She was amazed at the turn of events and thought to herself, “Why have I waited this long to recognize my innate potential?” Actually,Isabelle was right. She chose to believe in others and that invariably led her to undermine the power that lies within her.

Recently,She wrote another book and while she was surfing the internet for good publishers,she came across one, an International publishing house based in UK and USA. She wrote to them the next minute and they told her to send her manuscript which she did. A month after,to her amazement,they offered to publish her book free of charge.It was a huge mouth-watering deal and she couldn’t have asked for more. Tears rolled down her cheeks when she was reading out The Contract of Agreement later in the day.https://wordpress.com/alp/?aff=21927&cid=2742591

With the turnout of events afterwards,her narratives changed immediately and the need to show compassion and understanding to the people in her life especially her husband became paramount. Her love for people increased too as she looked forward to a more rewarding future by the day.

One thing Isabelle failed to recognize is that,once you haven’t gotten a glimpse of what the future holds,you are bound to be exposed to ill-treatment,insecurity,abuse,misjudgment,low-self-esteem,bitterness, and resentment from people.You tend to see everyone as your enemy whereas you are your own biggest enemy because you failed to accept your true identity and chose to be bounded by emotions and immediate environment.

Not until Isabelle made up her mind to work on the narratives,her story may have remained the same- that of constant frustration and bitterness for as long as she permits it.

When you know the roadmap of your life,it will be easy to navigate through the storms and still remain cool,calm,and collected. The onus is on you to excuse yourself from the crowd and look within else you may still be blaming people and resenting them for your situation. You have every right to be happy with yourself and the people in your life. Make the Move Now!

When you get a glimpse of your future that is when passion is born-Zig Ziglar