Managing The Discipline Of Thinking

It’s easy to allow situations and other people to influence your thinking negatively as well as positively. One of the tricky things about seeking ideas and perspectives from others is that some people have an agenda other than helping you. That’s why it’s important to take responsibility for your own thinking.When I was in my twenties. I began to practice this discipline:Everyday,I will set aside a time to think and I will determine to think on the right things.If you desire to do the same thing,then do the following:

Find A Place To Think

No matter where you find yourself,you must find a place to think. For me,I found a place in my balcony to be my thinking spot. I will place a mat on the floor,and sit quietly. Atimes,I shut myself out from the noise around and withdraw into the corner of the room with my arms faced to the wall. Right now as I write,am sitted on a sofa close to the window in the family lounge.

I want to encourage you to find a thinking place. When it comes to what works,everybody is different.Some people like to be connected to nature,others want to be in the midst of-but removed from-activity. My friend Ernie likes to sit alone in a car to think. Where you go doesn’t matter as long as it stimulates your thinking.

Set Aside Time Everyday

As important as finding the right place to think is carving out the time.I do nearly all my best thinking in the night except for reflective thinking . I usually do that in the evenings when I’m usually less busy.I recommend that you try to discover the time of day when your thinking is the sharpest. Then set aside a block of time everday just to think. I believe you ‘ll find that you’re much more productive and focused as a result.

Find A Process That Works For You

Everybody has a different way of approaching the process of thinking. Poet Rudyard Kipling had to have pure black ink for his pen before he could write. Philosopher Immanuel Kant used to stare out his window at a stone tower to think. When trees grew up threatening his view,he chopped them down. Critic and lexicographer Samuel Johnson said that he needed a purring cat,an orange peel,and a cup of tea inorder to write.

For me,when I’m in the garden sightseeing or sitting alone on my bed works for me. Whatever it may be,do what works for you.

Capture Your Thoughts

If you don’t write down your ideas,there’s a great danger you will lose them.

Whenever the ideas pop up,I pick up a pen and a writing pad immediately and jot down my points. I usually have a pen and a miniature note pad in my bag each time i’m leaving the house.Have a system and use it.

Put Your Thoughts Into Action Quickly

When you have a great idea but don’t do anything with it,then you don’t reap the advantage(s) it brings. The more time that passes after the idea strikes,the less heat it gives off.It doesn’t seem as great.Ideas have a short half-life.

Have you ever had an idea for a product or service and a few months or years later seen someone else with the same idea to take it to the market? Author Alfred Montapert said,”Each time a person puts an idea across,he finds ten people who thought about it before he did-but they only thought about it.” Ideas put into action give an advantage.

Creative thinking inspires ideas, ideas inspires change- Barbara Januszkiewicz