Recognizing Your Season Of Life

Not every phase of life is the same,nor should we try to make it that way. Ideally, a person’s life should follow a pattern where the main focus goes from learning to earning to returning.Here’s what I mean by each phase:

Learn: When you are young,your focus should be on exploring your talents, discovering your purpose,and learning your trade. For many people,this phase occurs during their teens and twenties-although a few trailblazers do it earlier and some late bloomers don’t have things worked out until well into their thirties(or later) The exact timing isn’t important. What matters is that you accept that there is a phase of life where learning is your primary objective and that you shouldn’t take shortcuts to financial gain and miss the big picture of your life.

Earn:If you are on track with your purpose,you have learned your trade well and you practice it with excellence,the hope is that you will be able to earn a good living.Obviously,your choice of profession affects your earning power greatly.For many people,the season when their earning is most effective occurs during their thirties,forties,and fifties. During this phase of life,you should strive to take care of your family and prepare for your future.

Return:We should always try to be generous,no matter our age. But if you have worked hard and planned well,you may enter a phase of life that is most rewarding,where you can focus on giving back to others. Most often,that occurs when people were in their fifties,sixties,seventies,and beyond.

Obviously these phases are generalizations but they present a pattern for which to strive. If you are young,then you may be eager to leave the learning phase. Be patient,because the more diligently you go after phase one,the greater your potential to maximize the other phases. If you’re older and you didn’t lay a good foundation for yourself,don’t despair.Keep learning and growing. You still have a chance to finish well. But if you give up,you ‘ll never go up.

What a Caterpillar calls the end of the world,the master calls it a butterflyRichard Bach