Creating And Maintaining Family Traditions

I want you to try an experiment. Get out a piece of paper and write down all the Christmas and birthday gifts you received when you were a kid up until you moved away from home.Take as much time as you need.

How many are you able to remember? There may be a handful that really stands out,but if you are like most people,you have had a hard time recalling most of them.Now try this: List all the vacations you took with your family during those same years.Again try as much as you ‘d like. I bet that if you took vacations every year,you were able to remember more of them than the presents you received. Why? Because what makes families happy isn’t receiving things. It’s doing things together. That’s why I recommend family traditions.

Traditions give your family a shared history and a sense of identity.Don’t you remember how your family celebrated Thanksgiving as a child? How about Christmas? The traditions your family kept helped you define who you were and who your family was.

Give thought on how you want to enjoy holidays,mark milestones,and celebrate rites of passage in your family. Start by basing traditions on your values. Add others you enjoyed from your childhood. If you’re married,include those of your spouse as well. Mix in cultural elements if you want. Build some around your children’s interests. Give traditions meaning and make them your own.

Find Ways To Spend Time Together

For a while,the family buzzwords were “quality time.” But the truth is ,no substitute exisits for quantity of time.As psychiatrist Armand Nicholi says, ” Time is like oxygen,there’s a minimum amount that’s necessary for survival. And it takes quantity as well as quality to develop warm and caring relationships.”

No matter the situation that presents in your family,you have to figure out ways to spend time together. Try to see if you can give up something so as to have more time available. These days,so many people especially the moms have thought it wise to focus on their family while giving up some activities or demanding jobs.

Also,working extra hard to find time for certain things such as,

  • Significant events: Birthdays, ball games,recitals and so forth.
  • Significant needs: You can’t put a family a family member in crisis on hold.
  • Fun time: We found that everybody relaxed and talked more when we were having fun.
  • One-on-one time : Nothing lets another person know you care more than your undivided attention.

Come up with your own list of ways to spend time with your family.

If you want to change the world,go home and love your family-Mother Theresa


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