Your Self-Care

When last did you give yourself a treat;taking a day off for yourself. I mean, a ‘me’ time?

Self-care is everything you do to nurture your mind and soul. Self-care is different for everyone. For me,it can be writing in my long-term goals journal,listening to a favorite music on radio,or calling a loved one. Incorporating self-care habits gives you a new outlook about life and improves your body,mind,and soul.

Choosing a day to give yourself a thorough self-care shouldn’t be a daunting task. I hear few of my friends say, “But you don’t understand, I have to check my mails,return calls,do school runs,go to the grocery store and so on.” But the truth is,any of us can take a day for ourselves without consequence. Believe it or not,the world will keep spinning. Calls will wait and so will emails.

This is a day just for you. If you normally do the cooking,on your extraordinary self-care day,you will refrain from making meals. Trust me,your family will not starve. Obviously,if you have dependents,you would have to modify this. Perhaps you can have someone else feed them for this one day. Overall,try to do nothing that is related to your normal work.This is a pampering day just for you.

I tried this few weeks ago. I decided to give myself a body pampering. Before that day,I had modified the feeding pattern of the family especially my dependents. Everything went well and I felt so good with myself. Nothing happened afterall and I looked forward to more self-care day. I advice you do this for yourself preferably once or twice in a month. You can write down what you want to do on your wish list and set out a day to achieve it.

Your self-care tips may include:

– Meditate for ten minutes

– Cook a healthy meal

-Buy yourself an icecream while you binge-watching your favorite tv show.

-See a therapist or a dentist

– Attend workshops,seminars,or conferences that are in line with your purpose.

– Put on your favorite lipstick

– Create a vision board

– Declutter your closet

-Pay a visit to the homeless,motherless and make donations.

– Visit the spa,or the salon

– Do some shopping for yourself

Whatever,it may be,ensure you take time and do this. You end up more productive,have more clarity and be better focus on the task on hand. Afterall,your hapiness should be a top priority for you than anything,so go ahead and spoil yourself.

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two breathes- Etty Hillesum,