Balancing Your Priorities balance your priorities in life is not an easy task. With the pressures of today’s demanding high-paced world,most people struggle to attain a reasonable balance. We can easily be drawn away from our priorities when one aspect of our life consumes the bulk of our time. To a large extent,it is much like walking a tight rope. When we drift too much in one direction or the other,we become unbalanced. To sustain what we value most in our lives,we must constantly maintain our equilibrium as we move forward to achieve our purpose and goals.

Are you dedicating enough time and energy to the most important aspects of your life? Or do you find yourself focusing on one major areas at the expense of the others?

You may need to make a commitment to find a balance in your life. Take a look within,do you feel consistently stressed,physically exhausted,mentally drained or emotionally devoid of hapiness? Are you dropping the ball with key responsibilities in your personal and professional life? Do you neglect your own well-being for the sake of others? If your answer is “yes” to any of these considerations,you may be out of balance. Make a commitment to work through these next steps:

Determine Your Priorities

Set aside time to define what you consider to be the most significant aspect of your life. Do they include such priorities as family,work,friends,self,and community? Which of these consume more of your time,energy,and resources? Which are the most rewarding to you? Overall,how do they add and subtract value to your spiritual, mental,and physical wellbeing? Focus on creating priorities that are achievable and make the most sense to you.

Establish And Execute an Implementation Plan For Each Priority.

You have been blessed with an incredible amount of time and energy. In response,how do you plan to implement your priorities?

To develop your plan,establish specific strategies for each priority and tie them to your overall plan to maintain balance. If one priority is to cater for your father with a stage two cancer,how can you achieve this goal when you have a demanding work schedule?What specific steps will you take to manage your efforts? As you execute your Implementation plan,align your actions to your words.

Be Resolute On Your Values

One of the ways to being happy is to realize that you own your life and that no one can undermine this truth. Always be prepared to walk away from any situation that will compromise your state of balance in life. That means,you may need to start over again. How frustrating that could be.

Consider it a personal victory when you have the strenght and courage to protect what is important to you. Do not relinquish your power to the unreasonable demands of others.

Lebanese American Poet,Kahlil Gibran puts it, “Our anxiety does not come thinking about the future,but from wanting to control it.”

When we don’t set priorities,we tend to follow the path of least resistance. That is,we will pick and sort through the things we need to do and work on the easiest ones- leaving the more difficult and less fun tasks for a ‘later’ date. That,in many cases,never comes,or worse,comes just before the action needs to be finished,throwing us into a whirlwind of activity,stress,and regret. Do not get frustrated if you need sometime to figure out what your priorities are so you can set them straight. Be kind to yourself and remember that it is completely normal for your priorities to change overtime. Eventually, with a little bit of patience,you can figure out what is most important and take charge of your life.

In the end,only three things matter: How much you loved,how gently you lived,and how gracefuly you let go of the things not meant for you-Buddha