Between Self-esteem and Integrity

Building a healthy self-esteem requires you to be honest with yourself-conecting your identity within to the one outside,not being a pseudo. When it comes to maintaining healthy self-esteem,there is no holding back or thinking about what others might or might not do.

When you are not sincere with yourself,or to others,the blow tends to come back to you and your self-esteem is diminished. You may need to take the bull by the horn and not compromise.

Some people try as much as lies within them to impress the people in their lives but inwardly,they have no true feelings for them.You have to speak up and be honest. Your self-worth and self-value comes to play here.

Be aware that integrity is part of the constellation of features in mentally healthy people who respect themselves-a result of pursuing high standards even though no one else is watching or seems to care. Integrity is the high road,though, even when you know the result maybe pain and suffering is a good measureof integrity. An old saying saying goes thus, “People who respect themselves are people of integrity and only people of integrity can respect themselves.” Self-esteem is the partner of integrity. An individual lacking has poor self-esteem. Going against or violating our moral code slowly chips away at our self-esteem leaving us less and less unable to make healthy choices.

When one’s integrity is defended,self-esteem is enhanced. So exercising strong moral,judgement builds self-esteem.

Also closely related to integrity is Honesty,another ‘old-fashioned’ building block of strong character. Admitting mistakes rather than making excuses,practising self-discipline instead of doing what comes easily or feels good,being truthful rather than lying-are all part of honesty,integrity,and self-esteem.

Where do you find yourself? Stay true to your Identity.

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