Attached Or Detached?

Juliet was a high school friend.We became close when we were put together in the same group assignment for our Biology group work. Since then,we became like twin pods,always going out together,and having the best of times.She was the embodiment of a loyal and sincere friend.I appreciated and respected her for it.

Anyway,she got a job offer in the oil industry and was posted to Germany to resume work.Within the spate of two years,she had assumed the position of a regional manager.

While in Germany,she received a call from her mom.Her younger sister, Stella had filed for a divorce with her husband of fifteen years. The reason was that Stella’s husband,Williams, had never believed that Stella deserves to be happy especially as it relates to her career.

Stella had been lamenting about this scenario for years but no help came through.She had believed so much in Williams and thought he was going to fill in every gaps in her life. A believe which didn’t see the light of the day.

Sometimes, we may need to check our motives before going into any relationship,work,or project.Our belief system needs to be evaluated and reevaluated.

At the end of the day,nothing changed and Stella became frustrated and filed for a divorce instead. She couldn’t bear to accomodate such selfish,and lackadaisical attitude from Williams. It’s time to go. She said.

Sometimes,the people in our lives aren’t the problem,we are.

There are some people who may need to detach themselves from the dependent prison they have been locked in especially within their close-knitted relationships like husbands,wives,siblings,or boss in the office inorder to be happy or be fulfilled.To some other people,it may not be an option because they do not need to go overboard with the people in their lives before their desires are met. To these set of people,life is really fair.

But to those who will need to force their way out of the frustrating and miserable life they found themselves,then being deliberate about it will be the best option.

Its time to get real… Being detached from the very loins of those you depend strongly on may be the best decision you will ever take inorder to find real peace and true satisfaction in life.You need to get to the level in life where you no longer want to be spooned but rather,desire to try out stuffs by yourself. It is when you come to this realization,that the need to keep up with being attached will suddenly fade away. A new expression of you then emerges. Think about it,If you feel so stucked where you are right now,it’s time to step out and see what life has to offer out there. Make that bold statement today. Life is waiting to cheer you on.

Detachment doesn’t mean I am trying less hard. It just means that fear and emotions that used to torment and paralyze me no longer have the same power over me-Kelly Cultrone