Believe In Your Potentials

It is not what you have got,it is what you use that makes a difference-Zig Ziglar

Potential is the capacity to transform into your unique goals and aspirations. It is aligning your intention with your attention to manifest your dreams in reality. This means engaging in personal work to define your goals and self-reflecting on your strenght and weaknesses. After you have a clear understanding of who you are and where you want to go,you can formulate a plan of action. When these factors are focused on your intentions:Body,mind,and spirit, you are able to transcend prior limitations and achieve your dreams. Most people have uneven development-one or more of these components may be functioning at low level. Because of the mind,body,and spirit are interconnected, you must address each to make optimal progress.

When every other thing you depend upon fails,your potential will not. This is your respite. Whichever way you want to see it,your potentials remain the only key to life’s ultimate fulfilment.

Former British Prime Minister, writer,and orator,Winston churchill says, “From what we get,we can make a living;what we give,however,makes a life.”

The chances are,you already have every thing you need to follow your dreams. A plan has already been placed deep in your heart. Find it for yourself and reignite your passion for living. Just get started,move into action.A ship at sea can totally course with only a two-degree shift in direction. You too,can change the outcome of your life by maximizing your potentials instead of overburdening yourself with other people’s success stories.

Over fifteen years ago,I met a boy some few months into college. He was a staff of one of the biggest telecommunication giant in the country. He had various qualifications and above all,he was already planning to build a house. At a very young age,he was really doing well for himself and had many bright prospects. I suddenly began to fall in love with his potentials and it increased my longing for his friendship.The singular thought drained the better part of me as I was always looking for his validations that it torn my self-esteem to pieces. It took me close to two years before the reality dawned on me- I never truly loved him as much as I had thought. I had only been attracted to his potentials all along and in a month or two,I walked out of the relationship.

I am not saying you shouldn’t appreciate the potentials of people. But you should not be a prisoner of someone’s else’s identity while you ignore yours.

The greatest handicap a person can have is not realizing his potential. What dreams do you have that are just waiting to be fulfilled? What gifts and talents are inside you that are dying to be drawn out and developed?The gap between your vision and your present reality can only be filled through a commitment to maximize your potential.

Find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible- Deepak Chopra

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