Let Healthy Hurt Keep You Going

There is no way you can stay down for long if you are angry and doing something about it.

Be patient and tough,someday this pain will be useful to you-Ovid

Dan sullivan,a drama and theater critic,describes how he became a pro at honing anger into a fine-edged tool that made new doors open:

One of the best things that ever happened to me was not being appointed editor of our college literary magazine.That got me so mad that I went over to join the college paper; whose editor had wanted me on the staff for some time.Without that experience,I doubt I would have gone into journalism.

Again I was so mad at the Columbia School of Journalism for not accepting me for graduate school that I resolved to go as far away from home as possible-Minnesota. That gave me a much more varied apprenticeship than if I had stayed in the East,and eventually I ended up at The New York Times anyway.

Even if the door’s closing was your fault,Don’t keep on blaming yourself for it. Take positive action. Make the changes necessary so that what happened once doesn’t happen again. This is what Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of Your Erroneous Zones and many other best-sellers, did after the painful breakup of his first marriage when he was in his early thirties.

Everything that comes to you is really disguised as an opportunity,even though it may appear to be an obstacle. Probably the most devastating time in my life was when I was going through my divorce and was separated from my daughter. She was back in Michigan and I was in NewYork. That was a really low point for me and I didn’t think that I would recover from it. I didn’t knowhttps://wordpress.com/alp/?aff=21927&cid=2737302 where I was going to go from there.

I was alone and I changed an awful lot of things in my life because of that breakup. I began to run and I got myself physically into better shape than I ‘d ever been before.I began writing,which was something I was always struggling with because I was so upset about the relationship I was in and that wasn’t working out.I worried a great deal about how I was going to handle not being with my only child and losing all of those other important things that make for a happy life.It was just a really tough time.

When the marriage ended and I knew in my heart that it was over and we were getting divorced,I was able to redirect my life and write in ways that before I never thought were possible. Most important,I was able to move into a new relationship that I never would have had if I had gone through that “down” period. Today,I have seven children,a beautiful marriage,a beautiful wife and a very good relationship with my ex-wife that closed the door that was so tough for both of us at that time also opened up a new one for her. She met another man,and they got married and have been happy for a long time.

I have found out that it is very stimulating to have a door shut in your face. It forces decisions. Either you say, “Well,okay then,that’s ruled out. I don’t have to worry about that anymore.” Or you vow to show the guy who closed the door that this was the worst mistake the SOB ever made in his life. No beats maybe as a goad to action everytime.

Use your constructive anger to vindicate the closing of a door.Don’t look for scapegoats or place blame,but express your anger as a way to rid your system of toxic feelings. New doors will open in the process.

Sit with the pain until it passes,and you will be calmer for the next one – Naval Ravikant

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