Listen To Others But Make Up Your Own Mind

When you are prospecting for something especially a job,contract,or a something that will add value to your life.Your friends or former employees may say to you, “oh, that company is awful to work for; they demand too much from you,” et cetera, but don’t be influenced by them. Go in for that interview with your eyes and ears open; find out for yourself about the job. As a friend of mine found,it may be the best thing that ever happened to you. In the end,let your own final judgement be the determing factor as to whether an opportunity exists.

When you have spent your whole life listening to others,it takes courage to pay attention to the sound of your own voice.

It is important that you learn to trust your intuition. Your brain can play tricks,your heart can blind,but your guts is always right.

The story of how film producer Mervyn LeRoy Lost Gone With Wind proves what can happen if you lose sight of this truth will suffice.

Returning home to California from a business trip in New York, Mervyn Le Roy gave the manuscript for the book to his wife to read over the course of their three- day railroad trip west. When they got to Los Angeles,he asked her opinion and she gave it- that the book was “just another Civil War Story;you have seen dozens of them and read dozens of them,” she said to her husband. After listening to his wife,Mr LeRoy sent the manuscript back to the agent,and his rival, David O.Selznizk,ended up with one of the greatest money -making movies of all time.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but that,undoubtedly was the last time Mervyn LeRoy gave his lovely wife Kitty,a manuscript to read.

The same hold true in your personal life,meeting new people. Of course,its great if everyone else sees what you see in a person you care about,but that it is not always the case. You may see the potential in a new relationship while others may tell you are trading down or getting yourself into a bad situation. Don’t always let the negative comments of friends or family influence your feelings. In their eyes there may never be anyone good enough for you which in itself is like having a door stay closed on you before you even get the chance to open it. Go out with that person and judge for yourself. In spite of what others may have predicted, you might just hit the it off and have wonderful times together.

Dan Gilbert, said, “It turns out that freedom-the ability to make up your mind and change your mind is the friend of natural hapiness,because it allows you to choose among all those delicious future and find the one that you would most enjoy.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle