Making The Most Of Your Time

I’m certain that you will agree that we all live very busy lives. Furthermore,you will also agree that we are living a hectic pace and it’s all we can do just to keep up with the demands placed upon us by modern living. Many young couples are balancing careers or businesses with raising families and caring for their children and older parents,while at the same time,trying to find a little time for themselves. Add to this,time for running household errands,shopping for groceries and many other tasks we all do to keep our lives moving along.And it can be overwhelming.

We have friends who,in addition to their own high powered careers,are raising four teenagers. With all the activities available to today’s teens,just keeping up with them is almost a full-time job.Another friend of ours has a thirteen year older who plays six different sports each with its own practice and game schedule,not to mention equipment. So how do we not only cope and maintain balance,but even thrive in all of this?

I believe, and there is plenty empirical evidence to support,that time management and preplanning is the key.The time that you devote to planning your week and day will pay for itself many times over.

Whether you use a notebook journal,or personal assistant,it is crucial to your success and well-being to invest time in planning your activities. I noticed when I began my content creation time to my daily plan that,instead of trying to squeeze it in as I went along,I was there at the appointed time and on track to reach my career goals.

I even schedule time to go out with my kids. This has become increasingly important as I become busier,joggling between homefront and my writing career. By scheduling time for kids,,usually on a saturday evenings,I know I will not,if at all possible, make any other commitments. If I do,I will schedule our outing on another evening.

Often the things that are most important to us tend to become squeezed into whatever time is left over. We lose out on the things that we mostly want to do as a result of not planning our day.

One of the secrets to a balanced life is to know which activity aligns with your purpose and this you can do by putting the really important activities on your schedule first. You can call it the “top three.” If you take care of the “big rocks” first,you can always find time for the smaller ones.

What are your most important three to five daily tasks and activities?For me,exercing and writing are scheduled first,then I look at my other tasks and schedule time for the other top two or three. In the remaining time, I do the less important things that we all need to do.

As Dwight Eisenhower puts it, “Planning is everything,the plan is nothing. When we set out on the journey,the plan often look like this; Our goals are clear and the path is clear. All that’s left to do is to follow the plan,to walk down the path.”

When you look at your weekly or monthly plan,do you see time for self-care and relaxation? If not,ask yourself if this is really how you want to live?