Solving People’s Problems

Be Willing To Let Things Go

When you find yourself at an impasse or about to get into an argument,stop and think before you blow off steam.

If you should have an argument with a friend or business associate or someone you care about,and that argument results in your breaking up the relationship,it’s the same thing as having a door close.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.Go back to that person and be ready to apologize. Never be ashamed to say, “I’m sorry,it was my fault.”

Such a move on your part may open the door again to a new relationship,better than the one before,that will cement the friendship.

Hold Back From Making Judgements, Go in with an open mind and find out for yourself whether a new opportunity exists-whether you can work with someone or not.

I listened to one of my cousin when he was being interviewed on radio on what he thinks about Managing people and your Business. He went on, “In my literary agency,there are times when an author who has been represented by another agent will ask if we ‘d be interested in representing them. There are many reasons why this can happen,but for us,personal reasons have got to be the cause of the breakup- that the client did not get along personally with the agent,or that there was something specific in the relationship that caused it to founder. If that’s the case,we ‘ll think about it and call the other agent to discuss openly what the person is like and why they are splitting. Sometimes,we hear that the person is fine,but other times the agent tells us the author is tough to work with and never satisfied. This is where we try to keep an open mind. When we have this sort of negative reaction,we will sometimes take a gamble with the author because we respect their ability. We try to form our own opinions,and it often turns out that we get along fine. We ‘ve successfully represented such clients for years and years. We are not,however,the kind of agents who will ever “steal” an author from another agent. Life is too short to ever act in such a manner.” He concluded. Brilliant response! I said.

Don’t Let Difficult People Hold You Back From Opportunity

Have you ever been frightened by someone you would like to work with but you did not know how to approach them? Don’t let the fact that you must deal with a difficult person close the door on a new opportunity that you know is there waiting for you. If you can overcome the personality problem,the relationship could turn out to be a big asset.

Some of the smartest,most talented people who bring you success can be tough,difficult,and feisty. Some of them are just never going to be happy with what you do,even if you’ve worked a miracle on a deal. You can’t be beaten down by those people,or just quit the relationship,because it would mean closing a door on yourself and losing a great opportunity to do business together.

Such depends on how you approach such people- whether you can make them receptive to what you want to say. Before the business at hand is even mentioned,try saying something that will release tension,get them thinking the way you are thinking. For example,you might flatter those people by giving them the credit for what you know you have accomplished. You did it,you might tell them; it was your great meeting or accomplishments or whatever that made things go so well.(You are being honest doing this,because ultimately,they deserve credit for it anyway.)

Don’t be intimated by reputation

Again,find ways to win people over to your side.

You are going in for an interview for a very important job in a firm that is known to be difficult about hiring people. You can ease the tension and impress the people who interview you by showing them that you have done your research on the company and that you consider the prospect of being associated with them a great privilege.

Use this type of approach whenever you find yourself faced with a difficult person or situation,and you are in need of hearing a yes.

You can’t control other people,you can only control how you respond to them