Making The Decision To Seek And Experience Growth Daily you are ready to make the decision to pursue growth and experience improvement everyday,then do the following:

Answer The Question: What Is My Potential?

A story was said about a doctor who met a young man in high school who had lost his hand at the wrist. When the doctor asked about his handicap,the teenager responded, “I don’t have a handicap sir,I just don’t have a right hand.” The doctor later learned that the young man was one of the leading scorers on high school football team.

The greatest handicap a person has is not realizing the potential. What dreams do you have that are just waiting to be fulfilled? What gifts and talents are inside you that are dying to be drawn out and developed? The gap between your vision and your present reality can only be filled through a commitment to maximize your potential.

Make A Commitment To Change

Author William Feather said, “The only thrill worthwhile is the one that comes from making something out of yourself.” To make something out of yourself,you need to be willing to change,for without change,there can be no growth.The problem most people have is that they want things to stay the same yet also get better. Obviously,that can’t happen. If you truly want to grow,then commit yourself to not only accepting change,but seeking it.

Set Growth Goals

In life,it is good to set growth goals but more importantly to focus your growth in few key areas that are peculiar to your life’s fulfillment. For me it was communication. That made sense for me,not only because I spoke to audiences few times a week,but also because I had some natural ability in that area. Another area was writing- Something I needed to do well every day of my life to succeed in my career.

As you plan your growth,it will benefit you greatly to be focused . Peter Drucker,the father of modern management said, ” The great mystery isn’t that people do things badly but that they occasionally do a few things well. The only thing that is universal is incompetence. Strength is always specific. Nobody ever commented,for example,that the great violinist Jascha Heifetz probably couldn’t play the trumpet very well.” You may need to focus on growing in your areas of greatest strength,not your weaknesses and grow in areas that will add value to you personally and professionally.

Learn To Enjoy The Journey

An author Eugene Griessman once said, most grandmasters of chess learn and relearn chess moves,gambits,and combinations over a period of fifteen years before they win their first world title. That’s a fifth of most people’s lives. If you are going to spend that much time learning something,then you had better learn to like it. If the destination appeals to you,but you cannot enjoy the journey it takes to get there,you would be wise to reexamine your priorities to make sure you have them right.

Put Yourself In Growth Environment

I have been told that certain species of fish will grow according to the size of their environment. Put them in a tiny acquarium,and they remain small even at adulthood.Release them into a huge natural body of water,and they grow to their intended size.People are similar. If they live in a harsh and limiting environment,they stay small. But put them some place that encourages growth,and they will expand to reach their potential. Put yourself in an environemnt that will encourage your growth. Remember,your environemnt oftentimes shapes you. You may need to be deliberate in your growth process. You and your partner also may need to work together to improve yourselves by creating a growth environment that will help to broaden your horizons. Even when the children come along,they will be raised in this growth environment and you know what that means?

One can choose to go backward safely or forward towards growth. Growth must be chosen again and again,fear must be overcome again and again- Abraham Maslow


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