Managing The Discipline Of Finances have to admit that money has never been my number one motivation in life. Truthfully,finances were so low on my list of priorities that for a long time I neglected them,which is probably why I didn’t make my good life decision concerning finances until I was in my late thirties.But we all have seen what lack of good financial management can do to people in their twilight years. For some people who work into their eighties do so simply for the joy of work or to be with people. But I know that majority of people who keep working in physically demanding jobs during that season of life do it because they have no other choice.To help you approach your finances everyday with the right attitude, do the following:

Become A Good Earner

To become a good financial manager,you must first have something to manage. That’s why I believe the first discipline of finances is to maximize your earning potential by maintaining a strong work ethic and learn how to make and manage money.Develop relationships with people who are successful in this area and learn from them. There are also plenty of good books about personal and business financing.

Be Grateful Everyday

One of t the most important things you can do for yourself is keep your perspective and be thankful for whatever you have.Poet Rudyard Kipling once told his audience while speaking at a graduation ceremony, “Do not pay too much attention to fame,power,or money.Some day you will meet a person who cares for none of these,and then you will know how poor you are.” If you work hard and maintain an attitude of gratitude, you ‘ll find it easier to manage your finances every day.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Whenever people start comparing themselves to others,they get into trouble. Comparisons of money and possessions can be especially detrimental.Wanting to keep up with neighbors or appear well-off gets many people into horrible debt. New yorker financial writer James Surowiecki says, ” Americans have always been stricken by the disease that some have called ‘luxury fever’ or ‘affluenza.’ Even if we aren’t rich yet,we ‘d like to look as if we were.”

If you see your neighbors buying new furnishings for their home,taking elaborate vacations,and driving a new vehicle every year,does something stir inside you to do the same? That someone appears to be in circumstances similar to yours doesn’t mean anything. Your neighbors may earn twice as much as you do,or they may be in debt up to their eyeballs and three-fourths of the way to bankruptcy court,Don’t make assumptions, and don’t try to be like someone else.

Give As Much As You Can

Author Bruce Larson says, ” Money is another pair of hands to heal and feed and bless the desperate families of the earth…Inorder words,money is my other self. Money can go where I do not have time to go,where I do not have passport to go. My money can go in my place and heal and bless and feed and help. A man’s money is an extension of himself.” That’s true of your money only if you’re willing to part with it. Or to put it a more colorful way as Hanna Anderson Clothing company founder Gun Denhart did: Money is like manure,if you let it pile up,it just smells. But if you spread it around,you can encourage things to grow.”

Wealth consists not in having great possession but in having few wants-Epictetus