Appreciate Just Anything reason why most people have become victims in life is because they failed to accept the small gift wrapped up in ruffled paper that life presented to them. They are more interested in the beautifully-wrapped package that they totally missed the point.

I had a relative called Hope. She was a pretty young lady and while in her final year in high school,she met a dashing young man,Bill who was in his early thirties. In between their relationship,she got pregnant for him. Though her parents were sore disappointed at her misdemeanor,they refuted the thought of abortion when she raised it at the family council. She was told to stay back at the family house since they believed Bill would not have the capacity to take care of her during the period and so they promised to give her all the support she needed.

Hope gave birth to a baby girl and because she was still very young,she decided to start life afresh. Her baby was nursed by her parents while Bill sent in the welfare package each month.

Hope had different men in her life that she totally abandoned Bill,her first love. To her,Bill wasn’t good enough in all respect and she could not bear to live under his roof. Her parents supported her choice and gave her leeway to live the life she wanted. Her hands got burnt during the process but never cared. Bill was helpless and accepted his fate. He made up his mind to remain single until Hope returned back to him.

Years later,Hope became an emotional basket case,all the relationships she had high expectations for fell apart like broken asbestos. The men only had good time with her but couldn’t take her in because they later realised she had a man and a baby in her life. She was seen as an unfaithful lady. All the while,Hope never realised what had happened to her. She kept on searching for love where non existed. At the end of the day,she lost Bill to a protracted illness and her life had remained miserable till date. Now aged fifty six,she is yet to receive a proposal from any man and had since become a poor relic of her former self.

In all of these painful experiences of my relative,I came to the realisation of some salient truths:

  • Whenever a gift is handed over to you,you should be mindful of the content and not the container. Looks are deceiving and you may totally miss out on huge opportunities when you are moved by the how the package looks.
  • You must learn to live in the present and treasure every moment.Life is happening now. Most times,the things we truly long for rarely comes to us. Appreciate the things you have at the moment.
  • Everyone in your life has a script handed over by God to act out and you must allow them play their role. It does not matter how unfair they may be to you. See each actions through the eyes of God.
  • Get off the belief that you can control every situations. Some you can,and those you can’t,accept and move on. It will be bad if you continue to force situations to work in your favor.
  • You do not have to struggle for what is truly yours. If its a struggle, then it is not meant for you. Let go and stick to what you still have with you.
  • Appreciate the people in your life,and quit looking elsewhere for what you know cannot be yours. If you keep on focusing on what you do not have,there’s the likelihood that you may lose the one you have.

As Buddha said, “At the end,only three things matter: How much you loved,how gently you lived,and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”


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