Work On Accomplishing your goals all want to achieve something in our lives,we all have goals that we set. Yet,oftentimes,we forget. But what does it take to really achieve anything? How can you go about accomplishing a goal that you have always wanted to accomplish? In the past,if you have set some goals and you did not follow through,there is a reason for it.There is a reason we throw up our hands in silent resignation. Most of us simply want something and we have to work tirelessly for it.

Goals are important in life because they give you a sense of purpose and a sense of purpose gives you a reason to wake up in the morning with energy and enthusiasm.

If you are not focusing on yourself and your goals,now is a good time to kick off.

To work towards your dream,you have to follow the three ‘W’s’ highlighted below:

The first is What?

You have to know what your goal is. It has to be specific because there is a mental shift that occurs in your mind when you specifically lay out what goal you want to achieve.

The Second is When?

You have to know when you want to achieve your goal and it should be realistic. When you are realistic,and the goal is attainable,you are much likely to build momentum and strive for those more lofty long-term goals.

The last but not the least to goal achievement is the Why?

If your reasons for wanting a goal are merely superficial,you will find yourself giving up when the going gets tough. On the other hand,if the reason you want to accomplish your goals are important to you in life,then you will find yourself following through.

You must, however, find the connections in the goals you have set. Like setting a goal for becoming slim and getting fit. The two naturally fit together,so it’s easier to plan around it.

Stay focused on your goal

The hardest part of achieving a goal is staying true to it. It’s easier to get distracted or to lose the enthusiasm especially in this 21st century. In staying focused,you must discipline yourself enough to enforce the shift mode.Once you are almost forgetting on your goals,you can practice taking a shift in your conscious state from where you are presently to where you want to be.

Write down your goals

Writing down your goals gives you a reminder on what needs to be done. While you would want to write it down,ensure they are written on a journal or diary instead of a piece of paper that could disappear under a mountain of other bits of paper after a few days.

Set Reviews

Reviewing your goals is very crucial. This can help you to see how you are faring and what still needs to be done. You can choose to review it on a weekly basis which makes the goal look more appealing and have substance than reviewing each day. Whichever way,find the one that suits you and stick to it till you achieve each one of them.

The trouble with not having a goal is, you can spend your life running up and down the field but never scoring a goal –Bill Copeland

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