Maximizing Your Potential Is Dying Empty wonder how many millions of people will be poorer because they cannot benefit from the awesome wealth of the treasure of your potential: the books you have neglected to write,the songs you have failed to compose,or the inventions you continue to postpone. Perhaps,there are millions who need the ministry or business you have yet to establish. You must maximize your life for the sake of the future. The next generation needs your potential.

Think of the many inventions,books,songs,works of art,and other great accomplishments others in past generations have left for us to enjoy.Just as their treasure has become our blessing, so our potential should become the blessings of the next generation.

Many people both now and in generations passed,have poured out some of their potential,accomplished some of their dreams,and achieved some of their goals. Still,because they have refused to maximize their lives,their cups holds a portion of their purpose,stagnating into depression,regret,and death.

Today is a new day to act on the rest of your sleeping dream.commit yourself to the goal of dying empty.

Do not be a generational thief

First,discover what you were born to be,then do it. Fulfill your own personal purpose for the glory of God. Your obedience to God’s will and purpose for your life is a personal decision but not a private one. God has designed the universe in such a way that the purposes of all mankind are interdependent; your purpose affects millions. Maximizing your potential is,therefore,necessary and critical. Your sphere of influence is much greater than your private world.

Suppose Mary had aborted Jesus, or Andrew had failed to intoduce Peter to Jesus,What if Abrahan had not left the land of Ur,or Joseph had refused to go to Egypt,or let’s assume that Ananias had not prayed for saul who became Paul,or the little boy had refused to give Jesus his lunch. How different the biblical record might read. These examples show that although our obedience is always a personal decision,it is never a private matter.

Todd Henry,author of best-seller,Die Empty shares some important values to be learnt on Dying empty.

“While I was at a meeting in South Africa,a friend asked, “Do you know where the most valuable land in the world is?” The rest of us were thinking, “Well probably the diamond mines of Africa,or maybe the oil fields of the middle east.” “No,our friend replied,it’s the graveyard because with all of those people are buried unfulfilled deeams, unwritten novels,masterpieces not created,businesses not started,relationships not reconciled. THAT is the most valuable land in the world.

Then a little phrase popped in my head in such a way that it felt almost like a mandate.The phrase was “die empty” which may sound intimidating. It was actually very freeing because I was suddenly aware that it’s not my job to control the path of my career or what impact I may not have on my world. My only job- each and every day is to empty myself; to do my daily work and to try as much as possible to leave nothing unspoken,uncreated,or unwritten.I made a commitment that if any given day were my last,I wanted to die empty having completely divested myself of whatever insight or work was in me to sahre on that day.As I began to apply this principle to relationships,art,and work,I felt a measure of peace even in the midst of busy times.Once I realized that I only have influence over the work that is infront of me,I stopped trying to control things that were beyond my grasp.”

So many die with a brush in their hands,a heart full of colors,and empty page full lies-Atticus