Being responsible Is a Big Deal who think others are responsible for their situation assign the blame to various individuals,institutions, or entities. Some fault the society or the “times” Some point at the system or the “man”

Writer,Ben Ames William’s observed, “Life is the acceptance of responsibilities or their evasion; it is the business of meeting obligations or avoiding them. To every man,the choice is continually being offered,and by the manner of his choosing, you may fairly measure them.”

Personal responsibility is often the last choice people desire to make. The result is “flabby” talent that fails to perform and never realizes its potential. How sad for the person who fails to take responsibility,how sad for others.

Author and Editor,Micheal Korda once said, “Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility. In fact when you fail to take responsibility for your life,you end up becoming useless to yourself. There is no man that claimed to be successful and did not put in effort to take personal responsibility.”

President Theodore Roosevelt put it’s this way, ” Do what you can with what you have,where you are.” That is all any of us can do. Do not look for others to blame. Just focus on the present and do your best. And if you make a mistake or fail,find whatever fault you can inside yourself and try to do better the next time.”

However,taking responsibility can be influenced by your mind. The mind is a mysterious and elusive thing. Even though it is created by the brain,it can operate with some independence from the brain. In fact,the mind can actually change the brain.

The reason for the remarkable complexity,speed,activity,and evolution of the brain is the mind.

Famous American entepreneur,Jim Rohn said, “I found that when you start thinking and saying what you really want,then your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction.”

This I found to be true. Most things that happen to us start from the mind. When you need to take personal responsibility for your life,be ready to wage war with your mind because it is where your victory lies. This is why you need to take on the fight. First,your mind will always take you on a constant ride to the past,showing you all the scenarios that led you to your present condition or position (oftentimes are unpleasant) . But should you give in to the pain this remembrance brings?No!

Being responsible is crucial to living a worthwhile life. I mean,there is less likelihood of you succeeding when you are always taking life as a joke and blaming others. No one is ready to take you on the journey called life. It is your responsibilty to walk the path all by yourself. This why being responsible is key.

Many people has surrendered to how life is playing out and don’t seem to care about the outcomes that follows.

To them, “things will get better someday.” And really nothing ever changed till life passed them.

Here are ways you can own up:

  • Worry less about the future; take charge of what is happening now: Many times,we fail to accept the opportunities,challenges that the present moment brings,instead, we force ourselves to believe for a better and greater opportunities and so,we miss out on the benefits that lies within. Being responsible says that,this present moment is yours,so seize and maximize it.
  • Believe and honour your capabilities: Believing in what you can do is the ultimate key to living a worthy life. When you need to be responsible for your life,then shift your gaze from others and honour what you have inside.
  • Take action: Setting priorities or goals is key,having lofty expectations is a beautiful experience but do you know that action is needed for the actualization of all you ever set to do or achieve in life? Quit being a mediocre and start somehow. Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.
  • Look within for the answers of life: Of course there are distractions everywhere and even those close to you can be source of distractions. But when you have to choose between looking up to people for answers to looking up to you for whatsoever you need,the latter should be considered. This is because owning up requires you to be self-reliant.

Remember,you are not responsible for what happened with your past,but you are with what happened with the future.

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